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26 November 2006


Have I Told You Lately
By Van Morrison

In the soundtrack of my life, this particular song is an anthem that means more than any other. I've known it for years and always loved it, but it only became really meaningful to me about 3 years ago, on a plane ride across the country. I'm not sure why, but it filled my mind and soul as I sat, cradling my new son in my arms. As I sang it to him on that miserably crowded plane, it seemed to bind our hearts and calm our spirits. Last night, I sang it to him and it comforted us once again. This one's for you, my sweet Brennan. I love you.

Can anyone please explain to me how to get rid of the annoying whirlygig and disconnect the automatic play feature? Any help at all would be much appreciated.


julie said...

Great song Coco! Thank you for having it here for me.

Hugs honey!

Dana said...

That is so sweet! My song for Bethany is Good Morning Beautiful by Steve Holy. I may have to do a post about that one day.

And I don't know about the song - I don't even know how to put it on mine!

Bond said...

and the whirlygig and auto start is gone...


Nice song for a mom and her son

Anndi said...

My chicklet's bedtime song is You Are My Sunshine.. cause she is.