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30 August 2009

Comments Moderation and Online Prostitution (did I get your attention yet?)

As most of you are aware, my blog has lain fallow for a while. This summer, I started receiving comment notifications from someone(s), written in Japanese. After I received about 12 for the same blog post, I grew curious and looked into it. Turns out, someone was booking Japanese prostitutes using my blog. I notified Blogger, deleted the posts and turned on my comments moderation again. Hopefully, it's only temporary until the "talent agency" is shut down or, more likely, relocates to a new site (giggle). However, as a sort of community service, I thought perhaps I should let you all know about it, so you can be aware that this thing can and does happen. Maybe I'm twisted to find it funny, but I suspect I'm not the only one laughing about it. (You KNOW who you are - I don't have to name names ...)

26 August 2009

I first consciously noticed it last Christmas. A blank stare for a few seconds. A clumsy step or trip and he'd fall down. Forgetfulness. It wasn't often and it wasn't serious, or so I thought. In June ... that's when the nightmare struck. Seizure. Again and again. Several in a day, sometimes so tiny they would have gone unremarked except there were the big ones, the thrashing on the floor and grinding teeth ones that terrified both of us and sent us scrambling for an answer. Tests upon tests and none of them are showing us what's wrong. Epilepsy? Or something else? We don't know yet. I'm not sure what God has intended, but it's hard to believe this is His plan for my brilliant, vibrant, joyful little boy. Right now, I'm trying to keep my cool, keep things as normal as possible for a 6-year old who really needs release from the fear that lives with us 24-7, even if that release is momentary. Photos by the thousands because I don't know what the future holds for him ... for us. Whatever it is, I'll do whatever it takes to give my son a normal-as-possible life. People protest against stem-cell medical practices but I can tell you that, if faced with that decision, I'll TAKE that solution and thank God that it was available for my child. There are some situations that transcend all previous moral evaluations. Live in the now - what a way to learn that lesson ...

Prayers would be apreciated.