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24 December 2007


Just got the news about an hour ago and needed to talk it out. Three of my former students were killed in a car accident after a Christmas party Saturday night. i know they were "former" students, but i was very close to Dana, and went to high school with his mom, and Chris was the nephew of one of my 3 best friends (Carol) from high school.

i have sent my son over to a friend's house while i deal with this. He's too excited and happy about Santa coming tonight to need to see mommy ccry. i don't want to ruin that. when i get done writing, i will probably be able to cry but i haven't yet, except the ones that came into my eyes with the initial shock. it hasn't really become real yet.

viewing will be on Boxing Day and the funeral the following day. i don't know how i'm going to get through that, but i will. Kim is going to need her friends. Jesus, she just lost her mom in May. and now her son. and Dana was such a sweetheart. he used to clear my car off for me after school when it snowed, just because. he was going to be getting married in the summer and they just bought a house in Shepody. and Chris' grandparents ... i don't know how they're going to cope with this loss. they raised him because joyce couldn't. he was such a hellion, but so good for Beth and Herb. i know too much about these kids. they and their families are too damned close to me.

from all accounts, it was a horrible accident. it rained here last evening then went real cold, so we had black ice. they were travelling on a back road near the community where i teach. they lost control and went over an embankment into the river. Jesus, it's not even certain at this point if they died from impact related injuries or if they drowned.

i just looked for the article on the web. they don't have all the information, but it's there. i'll plug it in here. Peter Murphy is the husband of one of my best friends. she's the one who called me.

*.*. villages mourn loss of 3 young men

Last Updated: Monday, December 24, 2007 11:31 AM AT
CBC News

Residents of several small villages in southeastern ********* were in mourning Monday after three young men were found dead in an overturned car in an icy river on the weekend.

Dozens of residents from ********** have visited the site of the accident at a dam in the nearby community of ********* since the car carrying the men was discovered Sunday morning.

The RCMP identified the victims Monday as Dana B, 23, of *******, Shawn W, 25, of ********* and Christopher I, 25, of *********.

Volunteer fire Chief Peter Murphy said it has been a shock for those in ***********, since most of the community's 320 residents knew the victims.

"It's been a tragic blow to the community, particularly with the time of year," said Murphy.
Police said the car veered off a snow-covered back road late Saturday night just outside the village and plunged into the frigid water.

The bodies were discovered trapped in the upside-down car Sunday morning in about six metres of water.

A friend discovered the car after the trio didn't show up at a party. The three had been at another party earlier in the night.

The RCMP were still investigating the cause of the crash on Monday, but said the weather was probably a factor.

"We're unsure of what the driving conditions were at the time. Clearly it was winter driving conditions. We're not sure what caused the men to miss the turn and end up in the water," said Sgt. Derek Strong.

He said investigators are waiting for the results of autopsies to determine if alcohol or drugs were a factor.

06 December 2007


Okay, y'all might not be too interested in this. Fact is, I'm using my blog to store the listening examples for my high school Music Appreciation Course. That being said, the music is truly phenomenal, and for the more adventurous among you, might be the discovery of a new love. Expand your horizons. Remember, though, it's about the music, not the videos, so close your eyes and hear what my grade 9's are jazzing to this week.

1. Guillaume Dufay *Ave Maris Stella* polyphony from the early part of the Renaissance.

2. Palestrina *Missa Papae Marcelli - Gloria* homophony from the middle Renaissance Era.

3. Thomas Morley *Sing We And Chant It* madrigal from the end of the Renaissance Period.

4. Caccini *Ave Maria* monody from the Transition Period between the Renaissance and the Baroque Era. (performed by countertenor Slava Kagan-Paley)

05 December 2007


Love of my life

I don't have a lot to give you

What's in my heart

Is all that I can really give you

Love, undying love is all I have

A handful of words,

that might make you laugh

And all the strength you need

To make it through

All your troubled times

I give all of myself to you

Only you

My dream come true

Love of my life

You were all I ever wanted

To be with you

Is all I ever really wanted

You, you've made my life a fairy tale

You've added love,

to a life that was so stale

And know that I'll be here

Always for you, when you need a friend

I give all of myself to you

Only you

My dream come true

I've been waiting my whole life for you

Now my waiting is through

All the nights I spent dreaming I knew

That my dream would come true

So many nights

I laid awake dreaming I knew

One day I'd be with you

Now i find myself dreaming anew

Cause my dream has come true

Dream come true

My dream has come true