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23 November 2006


Ok, after listening to each about 20 times, Runaround has grown on me. I can see the appeal. It's a bit immature melodically, and way too mainstream, but it's bouncy and upbeat and catchy. The drummer is inspired, btw. Not sure it will stand out, but it's not a bad choice for an Idol release. Reminds me a bit of Phil Collins in the 80's, to be honest. (think "Can't Hurry Love") Every musician does stuff like this in their career. It won't be remembered as his greatest hit, but it's a decent enough start. It still sounds like Taylor, too, which garners bonus points in my books.

I'd prefer not to talk about Dream Myself Awake, it's that blech to me, but I will force myself. This song, after numerous listens, is still unremarkable. I've heard a million just like it, and even hearing Taylor's voice singing it doesn't improve it. To me, it's an album filler. I kind of hoped Taylor would be able to avoid that sort of thing, but there it is. The lyrics are stagnant and hackneyed, the melody is repetitive and uninteresting. This song even sucks the originality out of Taylor's sound. It could be anybody's song, even JT. Hope to God they don't release this as a single.

And now, my dear friends ... let's go to The Right Place. This is a prayer. It's a hosanna of a song. The match to Taylor's voice is uncanny. Whoever wrote this is brilliant beyond belief. Even now, after 35 - 36 - 37 listens, I can do nothing else when I hear it but listen. The world slows, and this song becomes the pulse in my veins. The melody is poignant, yet powerful. The instrumentation is inspired in its simplicity. That piano part - I can hardly wait to get my hands on it! During those emotion-laden pauses, I find myself holding my breath. Taylor's voice caresses this song with a lover's hands. It breaks my heart that it is unlikely to be his first single off the album, because it's without a doubt the most representational of Taylor's roots, and demonstrates all the best qualities of his voice. Reasonably, though, I know the first single is usually upbeat, which makes Runaround the best option (of these three).


Bond said...

OK.. you sent me these comments and I did not have the opportunity to respond, but I will now (and will probably also send an email with these comments in them).
Here is my take ladies and gents...I do not have the formal music education of some but my background in radio and my overall love of this industry gives me a tiny bit of credibility.
RUNAROUND: I said in an earlier email.. Ray did Pop - Joe Cocker did Pop - Eric Clapton did is something that you do in your career... That said, when this song starts i find my feet tapping and never stopping. The rhythm section carries this song and keeps it moving forward at al times. The mix is a bit overwhelming, so that at the 2 minute mark you don't really hear it (or atleast on the computer you do not..maybe on a CD you will), but there is an incredibly brilliant boogie piano going on back there. I imagine in concert they will allow the pianist to just smoke the house with an extended solo...I like it and I can't wait to have the windows down, the car cruising on the highway and this blaring out of the speakers..

THE RIGHT PLACE - Coco, you nailed this one...The piano leads the way here, and Taylor was made to sing this song by Bryan Adams (since you asked). This matches Taylors voice to a tee... It could end up being his "Georgia"..I mean that folks... This could be the song that is on the radio 15 years from now and you will look at the grandkids and say "I helped make this guy a star."

DREAM MYSELF AWAKE - Let me pose a question, why do we get the complete versions of the other two and only a snippet of this one? I think because out there someone also knows this is a song that will not be requested on the radio...will not be the one that anyone remembers...and every great artist has had those songs...some have had complete albums that they wish they could go into every home where the album resides and sneak them out and burn.
His voice does not fit the music..the words are uninspired.
Look, not every song can be a hit.
I am not knocking Taylor, I know that TPTB still have control of the things he does, but if we all stick together we can give him the power to make album #2 all his... Carrie did it (rememebr her first album was remarkably uninspired- and then she walked from that group and rebuilt her career) can Taylor.

Coco said...

Thanks, hon - you never let me down. I went back and listened to Runaround again - still don't hear it, but it's likely due to the inferior speakers on my laptop. Nevertheless, love the zydeco flavour of this and it's growing on me more and more. The other two - I wholeheartedly concur! Can hardly wait for the cd to come out. Oh yeah, one last thing ... Bryan Adams ... (you know what I'm gonna say!) good Canadian boy. He does us proud once again!

Bond said...

I didn't mention the Canadian thing..well because I knew you would (or Anndi - or Meri!)
Runaround is hot Coco.. it is a good time party song.. believe me...and the boogie piano will catch you.. at like the 2:05 mark... listen closely

Anndi said...

Yup yup yup.. although Canadians had to do all manner of wonky stuff to find a way to vote or otherwise support Taylor.. it took a Canadian (let's not forget Jim Vallance here) to come up with what I also think just might be Taylor's signature song.


Chicklet was drumming along to The Runaround.. so seems there is something there..

Coco said...

I'm going back again to listen. I get the "party song" comment, hon, and I agree.

Yes, we did do some crazy things - it was all worth it, though. And I know you encourage Chicklet to try these things, regardless of your reservations. I'm proud of you!

Meribah said...

I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuv The Right Place! Our homeboy Bryan Adams is brilliant (like so many other Canadians, eh! lol) I also liked Runaround and Dream Myself Awake. Not everyone is going to have the same opinion of these songs. Like Taylor said, he has to appeal to a broad audience, and his album will have a wide variety of stuff on it. Hopefully, there will be something for everyone to enjoy! Woooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

Travis said...

Wonderful discussion gang.

I don't know nuttin bout the technical side of music. I just know what I like. And I like all three songs. The Right Place hits me between the eyes. As for the other two, I just enjoy the fact that they come from Taylor and I've never heard them before.

New stuff from our boy - that's what I've been craving and I'm not disappointed in the least.

Dana said...

Dream Myself Awake is my favorite of the three...