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04 November 2006


Just got back from listening to Taylor Hicks' new clip at Wish I hadn't gone. To say I was disappointed is a gross understatement. Ray Charles' "What'd I Say" was my favorite cover from Taylor's pre-idol days. I felt his passion for the music down to the bone when I listened to it, over and over, on GC in the early days. I couldn't get enough of Taylor's incredible take on this classic tune. Well, things change ... or so it seems. Maybe.

So, here's my take on this car-wreck of a video clip. It LOOKS like Taylor has forgotten the words, forgotten the tune, forgotten the passion. There is absolutely no artistic connection between him and the musicians. There is no joy in this performance. Don't believe me? Go watch the video clip and look at their faces. They are simply going through the motions, but only just barely. I had to force myself to watch it more than once, so I could be truly certain of what I was witnessing.

To be completely honest, at first when I watched it, I felt sickened with betrayal. How could Taylor allow such failure, when this song means so much to him on a personal level? Then I got to thinking. Taylor knows this song down deep in his soul. He owns it. He feels this song more than almost any other that he has done. How do I know this? He made me feel what he feels when he sings it, from the first time I heard it on GC. Then it struck me. This is not the performance he's got in him. Those of us who have followed his career closely know this. For whatever reason, he and the musicians in the band are NOT giving us their real take on it in this video. I don't think it was a bad day, or a bad take. I think this was done deliberately. I'm not going to try and guess the reasons. I just have confidence that Taylor has more respect for Ray Charles than this horrible representation suggests. It doesn't prevent me, however, from wholeheartedly wishing that this particular video clip had never been released. It's that bad. Just my humble opinion, folks.


Travis said...

Well, I don't think I'll watch any more rehearsal clips. I don't want to see him put the songs together and decide how best to perform them. I just want to see the finished product.

Maybe sometimes too much behind the scenes information isn't such a good thing.

I want the CD!!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Coco-

I appreciate your candid comments. Some people tiptoe around "controverial" issues, but I can Always count on you to give your opinion in a no-nonsense way.

Most of the comments I've read on the videos are at opposites end of the spectrum. You either like 'em or you hate 'em. And I respect both opinions. Who am I to say what folks should like or not?

I personally watch them (not over and over) to catch a glimpse of a work in progress. It's interesting for me to see TH "work it out."

But I understand they are not everybody's cup of tea. And I can respect that and still love those who have diverse opinions!

Your Friend From A Different Part Of The TH Spectrum-

Sueann said...

I just watched it and will have to say, I LOVED IT! He is so loose and free, not bottled up, like he was on AI. He looked tired to me. But still looked like he was having a blast with his band! He really showcased the band, let them rip it out. I like that about him, his genorosity to his fellow musicians. As Lynn just wrote, everyone will have an opinion, and many will differ. I personally am enjoying these videos on is an inside look at a Legend in the Making and I am so totally grateful that I am on the inside, watching it happen.

Anonymous said...

I can't see them anyway...but thank goodness it's just a rehearsal and not the real thing.