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25 November 2006


This is my first one of these, so bear with me ...

3 Things that scare me: spiders; being alone; the future

3 People who make me laugh: Jon Stewart; Eric Idle; Vinny

3 Things I love: the blues; my job; my musical instrument collection

3 Things I hate: gangsta rap; yelling; the excuses people give for abandoning their pets at the animal shelter

3 Things I don't understand: deliberate cruelty; violence; income tax forms

3 Things on my desk: pictures of Brennan; laptop; a pile of dinky cars

3 Things I'm doing right now: listening to Van Morrison; patting the dog; eating a Timbit

3 Things I want to do before I die: meet my online friends; take Brennan to Italy to see the Great Masters; go on a mission to a third-world country

3 Things I can do: play the piano; speak French; teach

3 Things I can't do: change the past; predict the future; smile when I'm unhappy

3 Things I think you should listen to: your conscience; old people who have a story to tell; good music

3 Things you should never listen to: politicians; gossip; gangsta rap

3 Things I'd like to learn: how to tell if a person is lying to me; how to speak Spanish; how to attach music to my blog

3 Favorite foods: moussaka; veal parmegiana; steamed lobster

3 Beverages I drink regularly: water; skim milk; lemonade

3 Shows I watched as a kid: Mr. Dressup; The Friendly Giant; Bugs Bunny

Now is the time I tag three other people ... ok, Dixie, Dana and Dante ... you're it!


Bond said...

All ya have to do is ask about the audio dear...

Nice list

Travis said...

Great list Coco!

Dixiechick said...

Excellent list Coco...

Now what do I do now that I'm tagged? ;-)


julie said...

Cool list and you got music! Woo Coco!

Oh...I asked Ann what a timbit was and she didn't tell me...would you por favor? Oh crap was that French or Spanish?

Dana said...

Okay...I got tagged and I hope I did it right!

Anonymous said...

I am not worthy of being tagged...I guess...just kidding. Loved your post!

Angell said...

Susie - check your email

Coco - great list. :D

busy91 said...

what's with all the hatin' on the gangsta rap yo! LOL!

Actually it does pretty much suck.