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03 November 2006


Friday, November 3rd, 2006 PST
Cancer (June 21 - Jul 22)
Emotional anxiety may surface today as the rug is pulled from beneath your feet. Your fears, however, are probably more dangerous than the actual circumstances. You could be offered a measure of freedom from something that has been holding you back, but still come up with reasons to stay put. Step up to the plate and face your demons, as the potential for a successful breakthrough is very strong.

I really, really hope that my horoscope comes true today. Or, at least, the last part of it. Today, I have that court appearance I've been dreading. I haven't been talking about my situation with my husband much lately, and that's because there hasn't been much to tell. No news is good news, I guess. Today, however, I have to face down the men who accosted us outside the soup kitchen, and I'm really afraid. My brain tells me there's no reason to be, but the heart is another thing altogether. I don't express myself well in stressful situations, and I'm afraid that I won' t be convincing enough. I'm afraid that the judge won't understand about the fear and the anxiety that those men caused in my son and in me. I'm afraid that he won't do enough to prevent those men from scaring us, or hurting us, again.

Ok, time to go do this thing. Please say a quick prayer for me, if you get a minute. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you today my dear friend.

Love you!

Travis said...

I know you're stronger than you give yourself credit. You know how frightened you were that night, not just for yourself but for your son.

I'm sure you'll do fine.

julie said...

Honey...the judge will understand your nervousness. I had to have a protection order put against a stalker in years past and be truthful, be earnest and you'll get what you need.

I'll be praying for you honey.

julie said...

Oh already went....please let us know what happened honey....we're here for you.

Anonymous said...

Prayers and prayers and prayers

Coco said...

Thank you all - I think it went ok. They were found guilty.

Anonymous said...

Coco honey, I'm just catching up - I hope all went well. It sounds like it did from your comment.

I hope you and the little one can live in peace now.