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19 December 2006


I've been gone for nearly a week. The DoE finally came to their senses, and now I have the feeling I'm going to be going blog-crazy. Bond didn't want to tag anybody because of the proximity of the holidays. I agree with this, but I decided to do the meme for myself anyway. It'll be a good way to get back into the blog swing of things.
Here are the rules:
The Rules:
Each player of this game starts with the “6 weird things about you”. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says “you are tagged” in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

I would rather play the piano than eat. In fact, I often forget to eat when I'm practicing. Heck, sometimes I think playing the piano is better than sex. That might have had to do with my ex, though. Definitely better in that case ... yup.

I firmly believe that spiders hate me and are out to get me. Invariably, when I see a spider, it's coming straight at me, with the obvious intent to do me harm. Even pictures of spiders creep me out. (notice absence of picture)


I am more comfortable with a little clutter than I am with perfect neatness. My desks at school and at home have stacks of papers and books covering almost the entire surface. Regardless of what this looks like, though, I know where everything is, and hate when someone comes along and tries to straighten things up for me because then it takes me days to find anything.


My best friend in high school used to get frequent nosebleeds. I would help her stop the bleeding, clean up, then I would faint. I'm not afraid of the sight of blood, strangely enough, but I still get light-headed after I finish dealing with a crisis.


I can play 20 different musical instruments at performance level. They are: piano, accordion, penny whistle, baroque recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, french horn, tuba, cello, double bass, bass guitar, drum kit, bodhran, djembe, marimba. There are several that I can play, but rather mechanically: violin, viola, guitar, mandolin and pipe organ.


The palms of my hands ache when I see someone hurt or in pain. This is perhaps the weirdest thing about me. It's completely unexplainable. But touching the person to comfort them actually alleviates the discomfort in my hands.

Ok, so, like Bond, I'm not going to tag anyone, but if you're up for the challenge, go for it.


Bond said...

TWENTY???? That is not weird that is EXPECTIONAL

damm said...

Man...there are some stange people out there....NOT YOU GUYS, OF COURSE!

just those other people who blog wierd list...ummm...bye


Meribah said...

Wow! 20 instruments! I'm impressed!

julie said...

Wow some of those instruments I've never even heard of...I did NOT end that sentence with a preposition....I did not end that sentence!!! Harumph!!

Your #6 is beautiful..very touching.

Maryfly said...

Coco! I agree with #2, same thing here! and for the record, I tagged you! hugs!

Travis said...

Woooo! There's our Coco!

I'm with you on #2. **shivers** Let's not talk about it!!

Amanda said...

Well dear Coco, I was gonna tell u I tagged u!

Sanni said...

Hooray - she´s back =)
and she impressed me! 20 instruments?
Wow... I wish I could play ONE at performance level!

Dana said...

So this is what I've been tagged't think my list could be as good as yours...

busy91 said...

You could never be around my daughter, she bleeds when the wind blows!!

Sueann said...

**sits back in awe, with mouth agape** 20 instruments? OMG! You ARE my heroine!!!! I can play piano and clarinet...that is 18 less instruments that you! You are awesome, my dear friend...totally awesome!


ummm...was Damm talking about me? I'm just askin :) Am I weird?

Anonymous said...

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