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28 February 2011

A Monday Mood

The word of the day is :
So, thing is, we had a storm day today. Schools were cancelled all over the south-eastern part of the province. Reason for confusion? No snow. Not a flake. Huh?


Travis Cody said...

Seriously? That's perplexing.

Perhaps the district hasn't used all of its weather days and decided just to throw one in at random?

Coco said...

I posted a little too soon, Trav. Around 1:30, the snow came, fast and furious. By 3:00 pm, the city buses had been pulled off the road because visibility was nil and the snow was piling up faster than it could be cleared. Th whole thing was done by 10:00 pm and we're back at school today, with another 25 cm of snow on top of the piles we already had. I'm glad school was cancelled. It would've been a hairy drive home.