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03 February 2011

The B-man on Five for Friday

I've got nothing. The idea mill seems to have run dry this week. So I've shamelessly passed the buck, so to speak. My seven year old kid is blogging for me today. Without further ado, allow me to introduce:


Hi Momys frends.I am going to tell you som jokes that I like.I lernd them at school from my frends.haha Momy said noooooooooo not them ones!Any ways.When I was little I liked nok nok jokes the best but now I am big I like funy jokes beter.Like what do you get when you put a rat cacher in a cow paster?A cow pide piper.haha See thats funy!OK heres another one.What do porkypines say when they kiss?Ow!Momy teached me that one.Its not very funy thogh.I like this one beter.Why did the skwirl cross the road?To show his frend hes got guts.hahahaha get it?Momy dont think thats funy but I do.Do you now why fish live in salt water?Because peper makes them sneze.That joke is funy to but not as funy as this one.Why was the nose sad?Because nobody picked him.Steve teached me that one and Momy said he is a bad infloens.I think Steve is cool thogh.
Ok now I get to pick 5 songs that I like.Momy and Steve said I am a metel head.I like to lisen to all kinds of music thogh.This will be the funest part because I'm tirred of tiping now.By for now.
love Bman


Jamie said...

The Last Unicorn is such a beautiful movie and soundtrack but I feel sorry for the Skwirl

TopChamp said...

Good tunes B-man!!

Travis Cody said...

Well that solved that particular itch for awhile. Every so often I go in search of Ballroom Blitz. LOL!

Thanks B-man!

Julia Smith said...

Well, that was fun! Especially Ballroom Blitz - always love that one. And who can resist a joke like:

'Why did the skwirl cross the road?To show his frend hes got guts.'


Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

FUN POST B-MAN! Thanks for hanging with us!

Love the music