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11 February 2011

Five for Friday - Playing For Change

The movement is called "Playing For Change". Over 100 musicians participate, street performers, music amateurs and professionals from all over the world who share a common belief that music breaks down barriers between people and inspires peace despite fundamental differences. Basically, the crew of "Playing For Change" travels around the world to record and connect people through music.

But it's so much more. Please take the time to check out their websites. (the information) (the foundation)

Instead of my usual Playlist, I've embedded videos. The reasons for this are simple enough - you need to see the faces of the performers. You need to see where they come from and how passionately committed they are to this idea. Most of them are not studio musicians. Many of them are living in regions of great poverty and want. ALL of them believe in the power of music. This is a powerful movement, one that has the potential to really shake things up. We all need to believe in something good. This is my positive vibe for the day. It's great music - enjoy!


Jamie said...

These Playing for Change videos are very powerful. It is virtually impossible to hate someone when you are sharing the same song.

jennifer said...

I'm going to New Orleans next week. I wish that I could run into Grandpa Elliot!

This was a great set. You had me singing along.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Coco said...

Jamie: I agree. This is something that might really work, if it's given a chance.

Jennifer: You'd be lucky - he's quite a character, from what I've seen. Have a great trip!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

I love these videos

Travis Cody said...

I've heard of this organization and seen some of the videos. I love the passion.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

humm...thought I left a comment here on this...I love these videos