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17 February 2011

Five Degrees of Music Progression 1

Trav has a (new to me) meme. I can't seem to get text to post from another source, so I'm just going to recap the rules and if you want more details, go see Trav's blog. You should anyway. It's cool.

So here's what you do. You post his banner for Five Degrees of Music Progression. Then you randomly pick a song and free-associate until you've got some connection to a second song, and so on until you have five. Post the songs using or something else (I dunno - videos, maybe?) and then sign the Linky on Trav's blog on Thursday. That's about it.

Here's my first attempt at this. Hope you can follow where my mind leads ...

1. American Classical composer George Crumb "Male-Speaking Choir" forms my first selection. I picked this for no better reason than my advanced music class was discussing modern composition and his name came up. Surprised the bejeebers outta me when I actually found Crumb listed on Playlist!

2. The men shouting in the first song sounded like Nazis to me. That, paired with the martial sound of the snare, led me to make the logical leap to the theme music from "Hogan's Heroes".

3. One of the main characters on "Hogan's Heroes" was Cpl. Newkirk, a role played by Richard Dawson, who had also been a regular on "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In". It was from THAT comedy variety that I knew Richard Dawson had once attempted a singing career. The (awful) psychedelic "Apples and Oranges" seemed to follow the natural course in my mind.

4. It was mid-afternoon when I did the playlist, so the talk of all that delicious fruit brought me to the next song, by Duran Duran "Hungry Like The Wolf".

5. It was inevitable, I guess. The mention of the wolf did it. It made me think of my dog, Daisy, who is a malamute husky. She likes when I sing this last song to her. I realize she probably hears "Daisy Daisy, blah blah blah blah blah blah" but she still seems to like it.

Were you able to follow the logic? Does it matter? As long as it made sense to me ...


Jamie said...

Thanks for the explanation. I got your drift through the first three songs and then you lost me at lunch time because I didn't know about Dawson's sad foray into popular music. Give Daisy an ear scritch for me.

jennifer said...

I could follow the logic after you explained. I like the leaps that you made and the inclusion of Richard Dawson (when I was a little girl, I was amazed by how many women he would kiss on Family Feud. My maiden name is Dawson and I remember being SO glad that man wasn't my daddy. HA!).

Love that you have Duran Duran in your set. Thinking about how gorgeous John Taylor was during the 80s was a bit distracting for me, in a good way :)

I hope you have a great day Coco!

Cherie said...

Makes sense to me though I probably wouldn't have guessed any of that on my own. (Especially, as I am not acquainted with your dog, Daisy. lol) I liked your thought process, which was more interesting than my, I want to listen to Billy Joel today. (Though Travis said that I didn't even break the spirit of the rules.) Have a wonderful day. Enjoyed it.

Linda said...

Well thank goodness you went from the awful "Apples and Oranges" to "Hungry Like a Wolf" as I much prefer Duran Duran to Richard Dawson any day!

I like the way your mind followed this path - very creative!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

MOST EXCELLENT progression, though I would never have followed it without your explanation. You nailed this one Coco

Julia Smith said...

I loved how you walked us through your thought process, Coco. The first connection between the male speaking choir and the 'logical leap to the theme music from Hogan's Heroes' killed me!

Travis Cody said...

Now that was eclectic!

I submit that Mr Dawson was much better off as an actor than a singer. And I did follow the logic!