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11 January 2011


I hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, or whatever you were celebrating! I can unequivocably state that this was the best holidays of my LIFE!

We didn't go anywhere outside of province, gifts were scanty because Steve was laid off in November and I never did get the house cleaned ... but we had a constant stream of friends and family, we pulled out board games and shut down our computers for days on end, we FINALLY got enough snow to go outside and play, and we spent a lot of quality time just "being". (How do you explain the beauty of that?)

I'm pleasantly exhausted and work will be a welcome rest. I'm happy. Now ... how are you doing?

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Travis Cody said...

Sounds like an excellent holiday indeed. Ours was similar. We ended up happy as well.

Cheers for your new year!