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14 January 2011

Five for Friday

Sometimes, for no apparent reason, a song enters my mind and then it JUST. WON'T. LEAVE.

This week's Five is the soundtrack that's been running through my head this week.


My senior stage band has been working on an arrangement of Rock Lobster. The opening bass line in particular gets stuck in my head because my bass player wanders around the school air-playing it and singing it to "dah-dah-dah doo-bee-doo-bee doo-ahh".

Hit The Road Jack ... did you ever have a song that keeps cropping up in life, in weird ways? This would be it for me. When I was a teen, I would listen to the Wolfman Jack Show on the radio late at night after I was supposed to be asleep in bed (sorry mom :P), which was the only time the airwaves came in clear enough to receive the New York AM radio station which broadcast it. That was his theme song. A few years later, I picked up an old Ray Charles vinyl LP at a flea market because the song "Georgia" was on it. So was that song and I listened to it and remembered the good ol' days when I was a kid (I was about 18 at this time ...). A few years ago, my son was about 2 1/2 and he had a little friend named Jack in his daycare class. For some reason, that kid reminded me of the song and I added it to my car-singing repertoire. The B-man picked up on it, learned it ... and got into trouble a few months later by using it to tease poor little Jack in the playground.

I got no apparent catalyst behind that James Bond Theme ... haven't even seen Dr. No (or whatever movie it's from ... NOT a JB fan) I just started hearing it and now it follows me around ...

It's all about the bagpipes, man. Last summer, B-man and I were invited to the Nova Scotia International Tattoo. Massed pipe and drum corps from several Commonwealth countries. Yeah. Personally, I think it might just be overload from that. But Mull of Kintyre? Geez, I haven't heard that song since the McCartney concert the summer BEFORE that. Dunno, is that a coincidence? Regardless, it's there in my mind's ear.

Almost forgot to mention The Last Unicorn - this one's easy to explain. When my son was a baby, he was given a Kenny Loggins CD of lullabies. Ever since he was old enough to choose (about age 2 for my strong-willed child), he has insisted on having this particular song on repeat as he goes to sleep. That means I have heard it about 120 times a night over the past almost-6 years ... any questions? I have one - WHEN is he going to get tired of it? Please??

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Jamie said...

It's amazing how songs can get stuck. I used a poem from The Last Unicorn this week. Love The Mull of Kintyre.

Linda said...

Ah, and now I have "Hit the Road, Jack" stuck in my head but that's okay, I've always liked it!

Nice choices for this week's meme - very nice indeed!

Travis Cody said...

Oh man! A couple of weeks ago I had a ear worm attack of B52s brought on by that Sing Off show. There was a group on that did a terrific cover of Love Shack...and I had that in my head for days!

Julia Smith said...

Nova Scotia Tattoo?!? How cool is that?? I'm from Halifax, and performed in the Tattoo back in the day as a dancer (early 80s.)

Loved your set. Always a fan of Rock Lobster. And my husband is a big fan of The Last Unicorn.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Great list and wonderful explanation of why you put it together....