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02 December 2010

Thoughts for Thursday

Today, I chose to share a video clip from a film that has had an enormous impact on my personal system of values. It reminds me WHY we celebrate this season, but more importantly HOW we should be towards others, not only at Christmas but all year long.

We don't give because we can, or because we should, or even because it feels like the right thing to do. Sharing our lives is a need that fills and changes us for the better. It makes us happier, more connected, less self-absorbed. It heals not only the recipient, but us as well.
My wish for all is that you find the inner peace and balance that comes with sharing of yourself. Be joyful. Be open-hearted. Be well.

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Travis Cody said...

One of Pam's holiday traditions is to purchase holiday meals for the homeless. One of mine has always been Toys for Tots.

It always makes us feel good to know that we are able to balance out the good fortune we have by sharing it with those who aren't as fortunate.