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07 December 2010

I got nothing, so here's a funny or two. Have a smiley day.

Inkblot drawings

A certain gentleman was having some personal problems so he went to see a psychiatrist. After a few sessions the psychiatrist thought it would be helpful to do some tests. He produced some ink blot drawings which he showed the gentleman. He said to him “As I show you these abstract shapes please tell me the first thing that comes to your mind. After the first ink blot drawing, the man said he saw a beautiful woman at the beach. After the second, he said he saw a beautiful woman at the park. One after another, in each drawing he saw a beautiful woman in one place or another. After about a dozen of these, the psychiatrist said “Mr. Smith, you seem quite obsessed with women”. The man said “Me!!! You’re the one with all the pictures!

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