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30 November 2010

Where has the week gone?

I never did get back here in time to post my song list for Friday. It was midterm week, complicated by the expectation that report card marks would be in by 8:30 on Monday morning - and I teach grades 6-12, two classes of each! I spent lots of quality time with my laptop but none of it was much But that's all over now!

Saturday was our town's Santa Claus parade. With seven-year old socialite living in the house, of course we had to go, complete with entourage of his five (!) best friends and their families. To think I used to be a loner ...

So you know, this picture is one I grabbed off Google but it's from last year's parade. Any photos taken this year were likely obliterated by the snow - lovely, white, fluffy flakes drifting down throughout the evening and setting the mood so beautifully! It wasn't cold either - just enough to have snow. It was a perfect evening, capped off by hot chocolate and cookies for everyone at our house following the parade. This was Steve's first Christmas parade in Canada - they don't do one in the UK - and he was thrilled by everything. I have to confess, it was pretty wonderful for me, too.

I know it's early in the season, but there's just something about Christmastime ...


Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Very cool you and the BMan got to share this year's parade with someone special

Travis Cody said...

We had snow on Thanksgiving...American Thanksgiving that is, on Thursday. It's long gone now since it warmed up and started raining, but it was a lovely thing to have on the holiday.