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22 November 2010

Five for Friday ... on Monday!

Okay, so my new Five for Friday didn't post when it was supposed to and I never check this thing on weekends, so it's a few days late ... but it's one of my favourite groups-of-five and I didn't want to miss out on sharing it. These songs are supposed to make you feel good all over. Hope it gives you an injection of positive on this cold, snowy November Monday.


Coco said...

I don't usually comment on my own posts, but you know how they say things happen for a reason? Well, as I said in my post, I had to revisit this morning because my new song list didn't publish, and it's a particularly cold and snowy day and I have been feeling YUCK since it snowed this weekend. But listening to this music made things better ... you have to stop and take the time to smell the roses, even if they are buried under 6 inches of snow, you know?

Travis Cody said...

Sometimes songs just put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

Our bit of snow is trying to melt today, but it's still so cold. I suspect it will get partially melted so that overnight the wet can become ice. Lovely.