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12 November 2010

Five for Friday

Not sure how to link to Trav's Friday meme, so the link is up there somewhere. (I just checked it out and you click the title of my post and it takes you there! How cool is that?!)

My Five was inspired by the mood of remembrance that this time of year engenders. I hope you enjoy the songs and that they move you as they move me, to reflect and to give thanks to those who gave up so much, and continue to give, so that we can live in peace and safety in our world.


Jamie said...

Travis is having computer problems and hasn't been able to put up a Mr. Linky yet.

These are beautiful songs to show the price that is paid for war.

Travis Cody said...

And wouldn't you know that this would be the week I had internet issues. But I'm back up now and I really appreciate the music you chose, and the reason you chose it.