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30 October 2009

The ABC's of the World's Greatest Guitarists

Simple rules. Match up a musical topic with the letters of the alphabet.

Today's topic: World's Greatest Guitarists. I decided to include all musical genres because so many people aren't aware that, although the greatest rock guitar legend might have been Hendrix, he's actually only number 4 if you factor in classical, jazz, blues and country. Hail hail, Segovia! Reinhardt! Atkins!

A - Chet Atkins. Country.

B - Lenny Breau. Jazz.

C - Eric Clapton. Rock, Blues.

D - Al DiMeola. Fusion.

E - Rik Emmitt. Rock.

F - John Fahey. Folk, Contemporary fingerpicking.

G - Danny Gatton. Rockabilly.

H - Jimi Hendrix. Rock.

I - Tony Iommi. Rock.

J - Robert Johnson. Blues.

K - B.B. King. Blues.

L - Alex Lifeson. Rock.

M - Pat Metheny. Fusion.

N - Roy Nichols. Country.

O - Michael Orlando. Rock, Shred.

P - Les Paul. Jazz.

Q - Robert Quine. Rock.

R - Django Reinhardt. Jazz.

S - Andres Segovia. Classical.

T - Merle Travis. Country.

U - James Blood Ulmer. Jazz, Funk.

V - Stevie Ray Vaughn. Blues, Rock.

W - T-Bone Walker. Blues guitarist.

X - (no listing)

Y - Narciso Yepes. Classical.

Z - Frank Zappa. Rock.


Dianne said...

wow!! I have to check some of these out

Hemdrix and Clapton and BB King are my all time favorites

Travis said...

I certainly can't argue against any of the artists you've chosen. But can I suggest an addition? How about Wes Montgomery, jazz?

Bond said...

very good list - BUT

Sorry..Duane Allman takes the A spot every time, no matter what.

How could you Coco???

Coco said...

LMAO I knew there'd be some suggestions and I deliberately left Allman off the list, Vinny, just for the sake of variety. Somehow, I knew he'd make it into the comments ... and Trav, great suggestion, too. Thanks. Dianne, always good to see you here. Great guitarists, all - there were too many to really narrow the field fairly. If anyone finds a listing for "X", please let me know. *Smooches*