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16 October 2009


Zack, I pray every day that the demons that haunted you have finally left you in peace. It's peace that has been denied those of us you left behind when you took your life this week. Did you know that you would be missed? That grief would overwhelm this small community? Did you know you had touched so many lives in your 16 years of living? You've hurt a lot of people by this act and, no matter how desperate you may have felt, it wasn't right. I'm angry. Angry that the system let you down, angry that we couldn't help you, that we couldn't even see that you needed help, and I'm angry at you for thinking that suicide was the only way to resolve your problems. Right now, there is such great sympathy in my heart for the people you left behind - your family, your friends, your girlfriend - that I don't have much feeling left for you. Mostly just anger. I want to know if you thought about the people who love you before you did this. Did they factor at all in this decision? It's hard to believe you would have followed through if you had imagined the grief they feel now. You took a lot more than your life this week, Zack, but we'll pick up the pieces in time. The lessons you have taught us have been well-learned and you will be remembered though perhaps not as you might have wished to be. Be at peace.


Travis said...

I'm so sorry for the grief and anger you feel.

Anndi said...

I'm sorry the world has lost him... that you and your community have lost him.

Sometimes it's hard to live for someone else. We have to find a reason to live for ourselves.... maybe he just couldn't see what that reason was in time.

May he and those he left behind be at Peace.

Bond said...

I flash to my HS years and the 4 people who felt the world would be better off without them

They were so wrong..


Anonymous said...

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