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31 May 2009

Sunday Morning Un-Blues

I've been thinking a lot lately about my first online friends. Before them, I didn't believe that online friendships were real or lasting, but it's been years now and we are still very much a part of each other's lives. Is it a miracle, or just a case of like-minded people meeting each other despite the odds? Chances are, I will never understand how it happened, but I thank my lucky stars every day that I was in the right place at the right time.

I wrote music for this as well, but you're going to just have to imagine it - think a simple 12-bar blues, a la Muddy Waters ...

Woke up this morning
Crawled out of bed
The dreams of last night
Still alive in my head

Been thinkin' 'bout friends
I won't ever forget
Don't seem to matter
That we've never met

Went to the kitchen
To fry up some bacon
Thought about Dana
Prayed her back wasn't achin'

Cracked some eggs in the pan
Stirred the whites with the yolks
Thanked the good Lord above
For Jo and her jokes

Next into the pan
Des tomates coupees en tranches
Prayed our Trav always would
Have a reason to dance

And I wished with a smile
As I stirred the oatmeal
That dear Yoda discovers
A love that is real

Thought about Angell
As I toasted some bread
Hope she's been list'nin'
To her heart, not her head

Sweet strawberried sliced
Bear the shape of a heart
For Vinny and Nancy
Who have found their new start

Smiled as I squeezed
An orange or two
Says a prayer for sweet Julie
She has so much to do

Poured glasses of milk
As I prayed for our Ann
That God grants her peace
And a soft place to lan'

Started the coffee to perk
Thought of Robin and Wayne
Who are always so kind
Though they've nothing to gain

Set a fresh bowl of water
And dogfood on the mat
And grinned about Meri
As I gave Daisy a pat

Called my son to the table
My sweet little boy
Thought of Dixie and Turn
And wished them much joy

Woke up this morning
Crawled out of bed
Seems I'm never alone cos
I've got y'all in my head!

~C. Masson, 31 May 2009~


Travis said...

That was wonderful!

Bond said...

Most wonderful

Meribah said...

Huge hugs to you! :)