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10 May 2009


Happy Mother's Day!

Today, i received a card with this poem in it. It was signed "I love you Mommy, from Brennan". At his insistance, i read it out loud but i choked up at the end because my Mother's Day gift was more than i ever expected. See, he got up early to make breakfast for me by himself this morning and, before he woke me up, he went out in the yard and picked a huge bouquet of dandelions and put them in a plastic cup in the center of the table. What a wonderful, special gift from the heart of a 6-year old boy. May you all experience this much love today. God bless.



Guessing your favorite flower
Shouldn't be all that hard.
I'll bet they're green and yellow
And grow all over the yard.

I only pick the special ones
Because they're just for you.
They're my way of saying thanks
For everything you do!

And even if these flowers
Only seem to last for a day,
The love that they are given with
Will always be there to stay.

For when it comes to picking
The mommy that's the best,
In my precious little eyes
"You" stand out from all the rest!

I really love you mommy.
Hope your Mother's Day is fun.
Here's hugs and kisses for you
From your "darling little one".

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TopChamp said...

cute! We were always told not to pick dandelions coz it makes you wet the bed. My sister still believes that to this day (wally!).