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28 July 2007


I unashamedly stole this meme from Sanni. I think memes may be the answer to getting me blogging again. They're fun and I don't really have to think very hard. Perfect, huh? Hope you don't get bored ...


Things I plan to do before I die

1. meet my dear, precious SP friends
2. adopt another child
3. write a novel
4. travel (anywhere at all would be fine)
5. be completely debt-free
6. go to a Van Morrison concert
7. get another degree, just for myself, not for the job

Things I can do

1. make my son laugh, any time
2. teach anyone to play the piano
3. curl my tongue into a tube
4. bake a perfect double chocolate cheesecake
5. create a child-sized replica of a tank out of a cardboard box and a wrapping-paper tube
6. read a 250-page novel in less than 2 hours
7. hold my breath underwater for 67 seconds

Things I can't do

1. type worth sh*t
2. swear without feeling guilty
3. stay angry at someone
4. play chords on a guitar
5. balance a chequebook
6. speak Spanish
7. understand rap music

Things that attract me to the opposite sex

1. gentleness (been the other route ... never again)
2. a positive attitude (nothing more depressing than spending time with someone who always sees the negative aspect of things)
3. intelligence (or else I get BORED)
4. self-awareness (knows who he is and what he wants and needs out of life)
5. eyes (the expression in them is more important than colour or shape)
6. the VOICE (intonation is everything)
7. big hands (um ... this is a purely sexual thing ...)

Things I say the most

1. aww geez
2. I love you
3. my day was going great till I looked in the mirror
4. baby, you're the greatest
5. i know you can do it
6. where'd I put my ___?
7. good night, sleep tight; angels watch over you till morning light; mommy loves you with all her might

Celebrity Crushes

1. Van Morrison (hey, nobody said they had to be sexual crushes ...)
2. Jamie Foxx (ahh hell ... everything about him)
3. Richard Gere (onscreen kisses that melt my fillings)
4. Gerard Depardieu (the aww-shucks demeanor, the accent, the nose ...)
5. Alan Rickman (the voice ...)
6. Rowan Atkinson (anybody who can make me laugh like that ...)
7. Bond (and we're not talking 007 here ...)

Songs I can't get out of my head

1. Yellow Submarine
2. Hit the Road, Jack
3. My Sharona
4. Hey Mickey
5. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (thanks a whole helluva lot, Staples Business Depot!)
6. Moondance

Things I do in the middle of the night but shouldn't

1. read trashy novels
2. get out of bed
3. check my email
4. check to see which of my friends are online (because I always end up chatting)
5. laundry
6. baking
7. talk on the phone to Mac

Things I'd bring to a deserted island

1. my son
2. Mac
3. full-equipped tool box
4. one of those crank-operated satellite radios
5. Swiss Army knife
6. first aid kit
7. waterproof matches

Shows on TV I follow

*I'm unable to fill this one out, because I haven't watched a tv show since May 2006

Reasons the world is better off that I don't carry a gun

1. PMS
2. the lines are too long at Tim Horton's in the morning
3. too many idiots with a license to drive
4. type A personalities bother me
5. the sign says 10 items or less, dammit!
6. I close my eyes when I pull the trigger
7. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool pacifist ...

Things I can't do without

1. my son
2. my friends
3. my dogs
4. laptop
5. bottled water
6. my Van Morrison cd collection
7. my piano

Things that make life worth living a little longer

1. my son
2. my friends
3. Mac
4. my dogs
5. my job
6. listening to the Blues
7. double chocolate brownie frozen yogurt

Things I used to do when I was younger but no longer do

1. drink excessively
2. smoke pot
3. jump the tracks in my car
4. go braless
5. live in an apartment
6. pull all-nighters
7. believe in "Happily Ever After"

Things that make it hard for people to like me

1. sometimes, I don't like myself very much, either
2. don't socialize much
3. tendency to hold myself back
4. shyness
5. don't trust people very easily
6. sarcastic
7. easily hurt and I withdraw

Stages I've gone through in my life

1. tomboy
2. girly-girl
3. teenybopper
4. band geek
5. university student
6. university professor

7. mommy


Bond said...

you cheated.. I ain't no celebrity! bwwahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahah

Great answers there Coco...glad to see you back posting.

Coco said...

Thanks, Vinny. It's good to be back. As for being a celebrity, why don't we take a poll of Your faithful readers? :-D

Travis said...

You are so musical, and play so many instruments - but you can't play chords on a guitar? Wow.

I'll bet you could learn pretty quick though.


Dana said...

Hm...sounds like fun!

Julie said...

Yeah....he's a celebrity.

Excellent post Coco. These memes are really interesting!

Meribah said...

2. don't socialize much
3. tendency to hold myself back
4. shyness
5. don't trust people very easily
7. easily hurt and I withdraw

Hmmm, now THESE sound very familiar to the puppy. I'm the same way, believe it or not! :)

Hugs, Coco!

Twyla said...

Oh, I didn't realize you were back. I have some reading to do. :-)

Anndi said...

um.. and which SP friends were you planning on meeting??????????? hmmmmm??????????




**Bounces out singing 'My Sherona'**

ah man!!!