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27 July 2007


Hey ... I just found this old post that I started and never finished ... with your indulgence, although it's somewhat out of date and sequence, I'm going to complete it and publish it now. Perhaps it will dull the shock of the contents of my post yesterday for some of you (remember, I'm the same person I was before you knew this stuff about me). This post is just some random blatherings when I was trying to get back to blogging at the beginning of the summer. Maybe this time, it will take. Here's hoping.

So, I was cruising my way through blog heaven, avoiding my work, and I came across this old, forgotten, dusty place and thought to myself "Why not?"
Thank you to all the wonderful friends who have managed not to forget me since my "disappearance" from the pack. Not only that, y'all remembered my birthday. It touched me to receive all the best wishes and emails on Saturday.

Today is the last "official" day of school here. For me, it's the last day for the next four months, as I am scheduled for major surgery the day we are supposed to be coming back. Surprisingly, there is no apprehension in me about either the surgery or the enforced 8 week vacation following it. This is a good thing, this operation, and once I feel better, I'll want you to celebrate with me.

Tell me, what does everybody else do in summertime? My kid and I are taking a full 6 weeks to be "mommy and big boy" all over this wide, wonderful wilderness we call home. Everything from fishing to bullfrog hunting, visits to the zoo or the splash park, camping to biking, has made it onto our schedule. No school or thoughts of it for either of us. It's what a summer should be, right? Of course, I'm a teacher and that allows for all that marvelous time off, but I'm also going to be talking to him and preparing his four year old mind for the many days when mommy won't be able to take care of him after her surgery. It seems there have been far too many of those times in recent months ...

My computer time is going to be limited, too, because I am not going to let it interfere with the time I spend with my little guy. As it should be, I guess. Evenings after his bedtime are MINE, though, for feeding this unexpected addiction. Who knows, I may even come back to blogging. I've had a couple stories brewing in the back of my head for months now ... (sorry, Dana ... not Taylor-generated this time, I'm afraid)

All in all, despite three surgeries in the span of six months, life is good and every day brings something new to smile about. In the past year and a half, I have made some new lifelong friends and they bring me joy every day, just by their very existence. My job and my students are another source of happiness. How did I get so lucky? I fell into this job, almost literally, and have never once regretted it. Best of all, there is this shining light in my life that brightens every moment of every day for me. He may be only 4 years old, but my son is one of the most miraculous beings in the universe. Not perfect. Heaven knows, "perfect" people are usually anything but ...

So that's where I left off at the end of June and here we are the end of July already. How time flies. So my question for you all is: what are you doing with YOUR summer? Leave me you answers in the comments. Love you all. Be well.


Bond said...

I am working and working....and not much more this summer ... this was a wonderful post Coco...thank you for pulling it out.

Travis said...

Glad you finished that.

Pam and I are spending the summer organizing and decorating the new condo. We've made a good start but there is plenty more to do.

Today we're out to get some new towels and mats for the bathroom, and perhaps some new accessories.

Be well.

Meribah said...

Busy...being very, very busy! But, when I'm not busy, I like to loaf around and just enjoy being alive. The puppy takes great delight in simple pleasures! LOL :)

Julie said...

Well... my summer is consisting of reorganizing so I'm not so busy. I really want to make better use of my time.

But doggonit.....I love playing on the computer!