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01 March 2007


Thank God I'm a Country Boy
By John Denver

Wow ... time flies when you're trying to get on with your life. I have no ideas for today's blog, so I'm faking it here, bigtime. I suppose I could write about what I've been doing this week to stay so busy, but that would have you leaving me in droves from a sense of self-preservation, I'm sure. So I am practicing the world's biggest cop-out today.

It's Thursday, and I'm two days away from my third favorite time of the year, so I asked my students to think of things they look forward to doing on March Break. Hope you understand, I had to edit some of the responses ...

Thirteen March Break Activities, from the twisted little minds of my At-Risk English class:

13. (Rachel - 15) I love to go shopping during March Break. You'd be amazed what I can pick up over the break. I plan to come back here with a whole new wardrobe. And all for free. (general laughter from her classmates at this)

12. (Arthur - 17) I'm going to sleep. Saturday, I'll get up and eat some breakfast, then I'll go back to bed. Sunday, I'll have breakfast in bed. I might play a video game or something on Tuesday. If I can get the X-Box to work on my bedroom tv. (yup, and he'll do it, too)

11. (Evan - 14) Me and my brother is gonna go huntin' down the back forty. We runned outta deer meat a coupla weeks back, and ma said she'd make us a pot a mincemeat if we bagged somethin' for the deep freeze. (note: in many cultures, this would be categorized as "poaching" or "jacking" deer. here, it's known as doing what it takes to survive.)

10. (Nancy - 15) I'm going to hang out with my friends at Trio (local pizza place) . Dad promised me twenty bucks and a carton of smokes if I watched the kids Saturday mornin' while he sleeps it off , and I owe just about everybody, cause I ain't been flush like that for a while now. (believe it or not, a true success story - very responsible young lady)

9. (Daniel - 14) I got to help Dad prime the sugaring equipment and the sap lines. Season starts in a few days. (man of few words, but true as gold)

8. (Martin - 15) There's a hockey tournament this weekend in Bathurst. Then we have practice every day next week, to get ready for Provincials. (the sports addict)

7. (Stephen - 16) Mostly what I does on March Break is eat, sleep and watch tv. Whenever I wants to. I'm going to the store tomorrow and buy all my favorite food, then I'll be set. We got a (satellite) dish for Christmas, and it gets all the stations, even the porn ones and the movie ones. So I'm set. (he once told me he wanted to watch tv for a living ...)

6. (Jocelyn - 14) I'm not doing nothing over the break, Ms. M. My mom said if I got into trouble again, she'd kick my ass outta the house so quick, it'd leave the skin behind. So I'm just gonna sit around. (note: I have since contacted Jocelyn's mom and hired Jocelyn to babysit for Brennan a couple of days. He adores her, and she's very energetic, so they'll go sliding, skating, do the toy store, that kind of thing. Everybody's happy.)

5. (Chris - 15) Me and my sister are going on the train to visit my Gram. So we won't be in school tomorrow because we're leaving tonight. Did I give you my note? It must be in my locker. May I be excused? Okay, at recess, then. No, I won't forget. (yes, he will)

4. (Lucas - 16) Nothin'. (story of his life)

3. (Matthew - 17) Waaaal, Ms. M. I plan to hang out at Bobby Cook's and work on my car. I get 'er fixed, I'll take you for a ride, ok? (note: Matthew is a natural flirt and I adore the child, but there's no way in heaven or hell I'd ever be persuaded to get into a vehicle with him at the controls ...)

2. (Stacie - 15) Amanda and Vicki are coming over and we're going horseback riding. The Wilsons invited us to use the hunting cabin up on the mountain, so we're going to camp there. (the outdoorsy girl next door - horse crazy)

1. (Jesse - 19) Paaaaarrrrrttttaaaayyyyyyyy! (Jesse has been with us for a while ... looks like he'll be back.)


Anndi said...

You make a difference in their lives weetie...

like you make a difference in mine.


julie said...

Oh my! Ya gotsta love 'em huh Coco? This list probably helps me understand more than anything the trials you're up against with this group.

A cop out? Not in my eyes! Wonderful post dear!


Twyla said...

I loved this post! It's so interesting to see the priorities of teenagers...and this group sounds like a handful.

Bond said...

COCO: WHat a great post.. hysterical, without truly meaning to be... as Anndi said.. you do make a difference and that is so special

Coco said...

Ok, not going to individualize my response, but maybe this helps you all see why exactly my job is both a trial and a reward to me. I love these kids very much and care intensely about their futures, but there are days ...

Maryfly said...

I soooo enjoyed reading these. Would love to read more. God bless you! hugs!