Today, fill your cup of life with sunshine and laughter.

22 February 2007


Sometimes it's a real challenge to see the good things that happen in the course of a day. But it's important to try, especially when your life is looking dismal and gray. Here are thirteen good things that happened to me today. Some of them might not seem like much, but they made me smile at the time. That's huge. And the day's not over, either.

  1. Dancing with my son in the kitchen before breakfast, to the Ramones.
  2. My son clinging to me like a monkey when I tried to deliver him to his classroom at daycare. He wasn't upset or sad, just being his usual mischievous self.
  3. My favorite Van Morrison song played on the radio on the drive to work.
  4. I hit all green lights on my way to work. That's phenomenal.
  5. I got to work 6 minutes earlier than usual, which gave me time to chat casually with a friend.
  6. My at-risk English class, who knew I was feeling bad yesterday, brought me a card telling me how much they appreciate me, signed by everyone in the class, plus several students and teachers from outside my sphere of influence.
  7. Third period French class was pre-empted for Winter Carnival activities and we all went ice skating instead.
  8. Eating lunch in the staff room with friends and colleagues today. Laughing over Tina's lizard and cricket story.
  9. Noon jam session in my classroom with Matthew and Evan playing a duet on their guitars for me.
  10. Jocelyn getting out of her suspension early for good behavior and coming back to class today.
  11. Advanced Music class this afternoon. Finishing the day with these kids is a gift every day.
  12. Kevin played Fur Elise today from beginning to end, after only two years of piano lessons with me. I think we both felt that rush from the accomplishment. Lol
  13. Senior Band practice. They've been struggling with a particular jazz piece for a month now, and today it suddenly came together.


Maryfly said...

what a great TT. Nothing like enjoying the little things. hugs sweetie

Bond said...

What a wonderful day my friend!

Start to incredible.

These are the days I spoke of - the precious days we need to hold close.

HUGS my friend

Angell said...

Coco - glad it was a good day for you hon.


julie said...

That was a very special list, Coco. Its was good that you searched for the positive.

Oh...about that have no clue where your soi ends! Hopefully that was pointed out to you.


Meribah said...

There yuh go; you found thirteen wonderful reasons to feel better! I hope you continue to see all the good in your life as you work your way through the hard times. Hugs to you.

Sueann said...

Hello sweet friend...great to see you back posting once again. Did Brennan receive my Ecard for his Birthday? BTW, you must expand on that mysterious Email you sent me the other day...I am so curious!
Missed you terribly!

Dana said...


Turnbaby said...

So glad you had a good day. And Fur Elise--ahhhhhhhhhh--so wonderful!

Sanni said...

WOO-HOO! Coco´s back - while I was gone =)

So glad to read you, Darling!

TopChamp said...

Hello Coco - had a lurk the other day when I spotted you were back but didn't have time to loiter for long. It's really nice to see you! I've been struggling a bit to see the good stuff too lately but a kid told me he thought I was a great teacher today and it made me feel a lot better. Sometimes I like kids.