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02 March 2007


Yesterday's post may have led some to believe that I have it hard with these kids. On the contrary. The dynamics of this group are a daily challenge, but I adore them. And the feeling is mutual. Rarely have I received appreciation from students on this scale. They are grateful for every effort I make on their behalf. Their parents are thrilled with their progress this year. On average, these kids have improved their reading comprehension skills by 15% since September. They are working hard, and they are attending class regularly. What more could a teacher ask?

The block continues. I have no idea what to write about AGAIN, but I decided that I wasn't going to let it stop me. Not any more. I hereby give notice that I am reclaiming my life.

So I'm going to share some REALLY bad poetry with you now. Laugh if you must, but the students who wrote it were simply trying to get through an assignment with as little effort as possible. LOL. This is my payback. PLEASE leave comments.

I have a bicycle.
It's the color of the desert.
I like to get on it
and ride away from my house.

When you say you'll be there
I tend to believe
but I find it very rare
when I watch you leave.

Yes I love you
But I can't do it any more
I know you can't do it, too
so just go ... open that door.

Maybe I gave up
I didnt want to
I'll act all normal
when I'm around you

I like boats
I like to bring her on the water
I like fishing on my grandfather's boat
Spending time on boats is my favorite thing to do
I hope to own a boat someday.

I have hockey today.
Today I have hockey.
Hockey I have today.

Durtbike are fun and grat
If I had it her
I wood get out of this place
and not have to look at the ticher face
after school go home
and have fun
look outside
and snow block the sun
thin I wack up
and its just begun.

I am Wes, hear me roar
I like popcorn, give me more
I watch tv, sleep and pee
I also eat frequently.

Love is above all that is right
with the feeling of flight
is no fight
when your above with love
like a dove
with all the love in the night
for there is no fear
when your almost there where the light is
when your above in love
like a dove
look down
hear it
there is love.

I have a 400 Outlander
It goes 70 mph
It's pretty fast
I drive by a lot of people
and yell "Git er done"
People yell yeah
and they think it's funny
and laugh at me

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I love Ms. M and she loves me too.
She helps me with English
when I'm stuck on a quiz.
That's why there's no better
Love than Ms. M gives.

When you were there
when I was there
I seen you up there
I did not know
what was going to happen
Your so funny
and really hot.
I had so much fun
I wanted to be up there
standing by you.
Now your gone
and I still see you.
I see your face
the way I feel now your gone
I still love you
your lip ring and cool hair too.


Twyla said...

LOL That was great! My fave was
"I am Wes, hear me roar
I like popcorn, give me more
I watch tv, sleep and pee
I also eat frequently."
Very clever.
Also, I thought only people around here yell 'Git er done'. LOL

Meribah said...

You go girl! Give that writer's block the ol' heave ho!

Anonymous said...

Hey that poetry is pretty good! Much better than anything I could write. I really enjoyed this post.

Travis said...

I liked Rebecca's and Neil's. They effectively convey a mood and emotion - which is what poetry should do. It would be interesting to see what kind of imagery they could evoke with a broader vocabulary.

Or is that me looking for the poet in everyone???

The others were fun. Thanks for sharing.

Turnbaby said...

Very fun post--and some of them clearly like you very much as they should.

Bond said...

LOL OH Coco.. how fun.. and you are right Matthew has something for his Mrs. M

TY for sharing.

Do they know you did?

Coco said...

Twyla - I think it's a Maritime thing, because I've never heard it anywhere else.

Meri - did I hear that you have a blog now? Where is it?

Polliwog - welcome to the corner. Glad you enjoyed the poetry.

Trav - I agree with your assessment. Odd thing is, both the two you picked out are special needs students. They are also two of the only three who really put any effort into the assignment. Just goes to show, huh?

Turn - thank you, and the feeling is mutual.

Bond - yeah, they know, and they think it's great. It seems everybody craves a little recognition.

julie said...

Okay first of all....give Wes a biggie if you're allowed. Just change "watch tv" to "blog" and that's ME! That cracked me (up). Freakin' preposition!

Reclaim your life's no one's but yours!! Wooo!!!


Meribah said...

Once upon a time, the puppy made a blog for experimental purposes...then she decided she wasn't interested in blogging and deleted it. The End. LOL

Maryfly said...

these were great!! Matthew's was so sweet, Rebecca's made me sad and I pretty much laughed thru the rest. You have a wonderful bunch. hugs!