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23 October 2006


Tonight, I took a little time to skim over my entire blog. I've never done that. I rarely go back and read a blog once I'm done writing it, in fact. But tonight, I felt the need to see where I've been, and perhaps to gauge where I'm headed.

It wasn't my blog I ended up dwelling on. Whether my blog was good, bad or just plain ugly, one thing remained consistent: the comments. I found myself reaching for the tissues, time and again, as I read through the words of encouragement, support and love that each of you has sent me, through good times and bad.

I've shared the biggest parts of my life with you. Everything I've offered, you've given back, better than before, through your love and acceptance. No wonder I am writing and composing again. You are like a melody in my soul. Being a part of this amazing group of people has nourished me and allowed my creative side to flourish. I didn't know this could happen. It was so totally unexpected that sometimes I grow breathless.

It's time for me to count my blessings. Each one has a name. Each name is engraved upon my heart for all time. God is listening as I recite them to Him. I can feel that as I have never felt it before. And He is smiling.

God bless you and protect you, my friends. I love you.


Anonymous said...

Ah COCO...and we feel the same about you and the support you have shown us.

Anonymous said...

From the mind of Meribah:

Thanks, Coco! We love you too. Hugs and ear licks to you!

Anonymous said...

Dang right Coco!

Wait - the puppy said ears!


Anonymous said...

Very well said Coco. Everything you write tugs at my soul. At times my heart leaps and at times it weeps after reading your entries. Just keep on writing honey.