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03 May 2010

... and why not??

Random Quote of the Day:
Led Zeppelin is just a bunch of stupid idiots who wrote cool riffs.
~Chris Cornell~

Why do people say rude things based on their own exalted opinions? Do they always have to be right, no matter how dull or under-informed they may (or may not) be? Does intellect or knowledge make it okay to be rude?

Take that quote that I pulled today as an example. Who is Chris Cornell? What qualifies him to judge a classic band like Led Zeppelin? I'm not saying he's wrong or right in his opinion, but what exactly gave him the right to say anything at all, especially if it's a matter of public record (as it obviously is, since I found the quote on Famous Music Quotes Online)? What was his point anyway? Did he intend to denigrate the members of that particular band, or did he wish mere to state that their music was "cool"? If it was the former, what's so noteworthy about that? If the latter, could he not have found a more positive way to say it?

What kind of world would it be if people judged less and accepted more? If we instinctively saw the best in people rather than expecting the worst? What if it was globally expected that we should be kind and tolerant, and speak the truth in gentler, more thoughtful ways? Why CAN'T we be friends?


Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Chris Cornell is an a**hat of the magnum power.

If he was a musician of any sort, instead of the crapola he puts out...maybe he could speak about another it is NO Chris STFU

Travis said...

Well, I didn't know who Chris Cornell was until he was mentioned as the one from whom David Cook borrowed the arrangement of Billie Jean during Idol Season 7.

As to rudeness, I maintain that there is never an excuse for it. And it would be nice if more people would say "I didn't care for it, it's not for me" rather than "I didn't like it, it sucks and you're stupid if you like it". Or the reverse, just say "I loved it" rather than "I loved it, it's fantastic and you're stupid if you don't love it".

I don't think that a person's taste or distaste for something qualifies them to make a judgment about said thing.