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25 March 2010

Random stuff because it's a random kind of a day ...

Quote of the Day:
Beware the lollipop of mediocrity; lick it once and you'll suck forever.
~Brian Wilson~


I'm on a horoscope kick so I'm tossing it in here. Wonder if I should pay attention to any of it? I'll do pretty much as I want anyway, but maybe they're onto something. Maybe I should ask the voices ...

Although you may think that this is a good day to come out of your shell, it may not actually be as easy as you think. You could find yourself trying to cut through a thick emotional blanket that descends over you. It's even more difficult if you are so sensitive to someone else's feelings that you worry about what you might say. However, it's less important to monitor your words than to maintain your boundaries so you don't mix up other people's fears with your own.


Welcome home, Donna! This is an amazing story that is only beginning to unfold.

From the local newspaper: Donna O'Rielly, who disappeared without so much as a trace almost a month ago, should be in the arms of her family this morning after her dramatic escape yesterday from the basement apartment of a 62-year-old Moncton man who police arrested shortly after the missing woman got away from her alleged captor.

This all took place only blocks from my home. In a quiet city like this, such things are nearly unimaginable. Fervent prayers of thanks are going up all over the province for her return to her family. We cannot imagine the circumstances of her month in captivity, but the story will be told and retold, if for no other reason than to serve as a caution for those who believe "it doesn't happen here".


This week, in all their wisdom, the D of E scheduled middle school report card marks and parent teacher meetings on the same day. AND moved it to the middle of the week. So teachers have two more days to teach, exhausted, after two 12-15 hour days. Somewhere, somehow, it made sense to someone. Either that, or we have one sadistic, teacher-hating sonuva-b running things in our picturesque capital city. Thoughts, anyone?

The B-man is testing for his blue belt in Tae Kwondo this afternoon. Since he started learning this martial art last October, he has averaged a test every 9 weeks. Apparently, that's something special. All I know is the kid lives and breathes it. He comes home from his classes and goes to the basement to practice his forms. Last month at the Canadian Junior Nationals, three of the top five competitors in the sport were from the B-man's studio under the same master, who tells me that my son is exceptional. Master L's wife has said to me on numerous occasions that she wants her sons to be like the B-man in their attitude and character. Am I proud? I am humbled. My son brings tears to my eyes at times: of pride, of laughter, of anger, of frustration ... he's just a normal 7-year old kid, after all.
In exactly one month, my school band will be exchanging places with another school band for two days. It's a huge event in our band's annual calendar and the kids are very excited. But are they working hard enough on their scores? I wonder sometimes. Will they be ready? Ready or not, the exchange takes place on April 22-23. Until then, I'm going to be a little tense.
This year, 10% of the graduating class from my school have applied and auditioned to enter various university music schools to pursue a life career in such music fields as performance, musical theatre, recording technology, composition and education. In some cases, following the heart in this matter is a battle on several fronts, as music is still considered a risky endeavor for employment and financial independence. I have attended every audition to support these young women and men as they step into their futures. To say I am proud of them is a gross understatement. And, if I am completely honest, there is a certain personal satisfaction in my own accomplishments as their teacher, knowing that I was able to nurture a lasting love that does not need to be expressed in words. My heart is full of wonder and anticipation for their futures.
In tribute, I chose a song that remains close to the hearts of my band members as the turning point ... I do what I do for kids like them.


Bond said...

you are back!!!!!

Tell the B-Man I said congrats on his success.

Sounds like you are really making a difference in the lives of your students once again Coco...

CONGRATS to you also

Anndi said...

I was thinking of you this week when I helped out in school. Teachers, dedicated ones, have a special place in heaven.

And way to go B-man!

Travis said...

Good luck to all the young people in your random thoughts today.