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24 March 2010

A Deep Breath ... Exhale ...

Quote of the Day:
All the good music has already been written by people with wigs and stuff.
~Frank Zappa~

Struggling with a dilemma right now and I'm not sure how to resolve it. Or even if I should. Sometimes things work out better if you just let them resolve themselves. I'm not sure though, so I did a little research through a trusted and reliable source: Horoscope [].

There may be noticeably less stress today as the nurturing Cancer Moon picks up on harmonious trines to optimistic Jupiter and innovative Uranus. Although we may be presented with an opportunity to free ourselves from complex emotional entanglements, the Cancer Moon still encourages us to hold on to the past. Even if we are not fully satisfied, it's still safer to maintain the status quo than risk our current comforts for an uncertain future.

Although your intentions may be straightforward, your behavior doesn't necessarily demonstrate your true feelings today. You could be moodier than you let on, for the hypersensitive Cancer Moon can give you a lot to worry about. But you realize that others tire quickly when you express your concerns, so you may consciously choose to keep any negativity to yourself. Remember, even suppressed feelings can impact your day, so find a way to share your uncertainty without blaming anyone else.

Sooo ... I should keep my concerns to myself whilst expressing them in a diplomatic manner? Got it. Glad I cleared that up. Sheesh!

And now for something a little different ... Elmer Fudd as one of Canada's Finest.

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Travis said...

Sometimes it's ok to be silent, but other times one must speak up. It's good that you have a mechanism to help you decide which time it is.