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24 September 2009


Sorry I haven't had time to blog since school started again. between work and Brennan's appointments, time is being eaten in big gulps each day. Hope all is well with everyone.

Just a quick update: we have a diagnosis of an unusual type of epilepsy (don't have the paper here at work and can't remember the name, but I'll update this when I have time) and are working on balancing B-man's meds right now. Some days are better than others and we're working towards success. Every day is a blessing now and he will live a relatively normal life once we have it in remission. Thank you for all your prayers and positive thoughts.


Anndi said...

Your ears must have been burning because I've had you on my mind a lot lately...

I'm so relieved for the good news. Makes my day!

Travis said...

I'm sorry that he has to go through it, but so pleased that now you know what it is and can get it under control.

Bond said...

THIS is excellent news...much better than the alternative.

HUGS to you both and tell the B-Man that I am thinking of him.

So, take some time...go through the music and let me start burning some CDs for you.

Dianne said...

I'm so glad you have an answer and a course of treatment

hugs to B-man
and to you

Coco said...

Thank you all. It is a great relief to know what we are dealing with. Bless you for your kind thoughtfulness and your prayers. They have been answered.

jennifer said...

I am SO glad that you know what it is now. That is honestly the best news that I've heard all day.

I tried to keep up with how B-man was doing and had to go to Bond's blog to click through every time I checked in. I was unable to blog hop as much for a while there and lost touch with you.

Tonight I was doing a little blog housekeeping and found your comment on my "spill over" blog (A Cluttered Life). Seeing your comment there was a gift!

I hope that you have a wonderful week Coco.