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07 September 2009

Quickie Update

Five more porn posts got caught in my comments moderation web, but the last one is a week old, so perhaps they've moved on. I'm going to give it about another week before removing moderation. Thank you all for the "real" comments. I could feel the commiseration ...

Biggest news this weekend is our Vinny and Nancy's wedding. I hope their lives are filled with immeasurable happiness. The B-man and I toasted their celebration last night with a bracing glass of sparkling ginger ale. You'd have to search for a long time to find a kinder soul or greater friend than our Vinny and I get choked up trying to express how happy I am for him and his darling Nancy, so I'll just stop now while I'm ahead.

Speaking of my little B-man, we are 2 days seizure-free and cautiously praying for it to continue in a similar vein. On the negative side, we are awaiting test results and his doctor has gone on vacation for 3 weeks. Although I am usually fairly even-tempered, this has me a little uptight. (maritimers' understatement) No matter, we do what we must to beat this thing.

Finally, we're back at school on Tuesday this coming week. Although I love my job, this year my mind's not ready to go back just yet. Wonder why?

Have a wonderful Labour Day. Blessings and peace to you and your families.


Travis said...

Well no seizures is a good thing.

Anndi said...

I'll be praying for more seizure free days...


jennifer said...

Thank goodness for the two days of no seizures! I hope that is the case from here on out. I would also be on pins and needles waiting to hear the test results. Your mother's heart is burdened right now so no wonder you aren't looking forward to returning to work. Sending a prayer up for B-Man and for you.

Thanks for the update Coco. You've been on my mind.

Dianne said...

today is the 9th and I am hoping the seizure free days continue

I can't believe you have to wait 3 weeks for test results!!
that must be so stressful

I too am so happy for Vinny and Nancy

Bond said...

Please tell me that my big B-man is still seizure free...

Thank you for your wonderful words - we missed you both