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20 February 2009

My baby is 6 today ...

... how time flies!!!

Since he turned 5, Brennan has been a very busy little boy. Here are some of the many things he has been involved with for the past year:

He graduated from pre-school and started kindergarten!

He hung out with his best buddy.

He learned to play baseball.

He terrorized the neighbours at Hallowe'en. (He's the ghoul!)

He went to shows with Mommy.

He took swimming lessons with his best buddy.

He sang in the school choir.

He continued with his power skating classes.

He charmed the socks off Santa.

He spent quality time with his uncle and his cousins.

He played with Daisy...

...and they became closer than ever.

He took taekwondo classes after school...

...and passed his orange belt test after only 2 months.

He became a Rotary Volunteer.

And he still had lots of time to just be a kid.



Bond said...


WOW time does fly...

Meribah said...

Woo! He's a Pisces like me! Happy, happy B-day to your sweet little guy! :)

Travis said...

Happy Birthday Big Man!

Dana said...

Aw, isn't he adorable? Happy Birthday, Brennan!

Bond said...

Did my ecard arrive?

TopChamp said...

wow! Sorry it's late but happy birthday to your boy - all that by six yrs old?! How cool.