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14 February 2009

I found these on my work computer and can't stop looking at them

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends. What is love?
Let me show you what it is for me these days:
Summer 2007 at our favorite beach, about 20 minutes away. Brennan is running straight at me and a second after this picture is taken, he is airborn, expecting to be caught and swung around.

Summer 2006, Brennan's first beach vacation and Mandy was scared he'll drown - she was terrified of the water, but that didn't stop her from staying at his side the whole time.

Brennan and Daisy Summer 2007 at the Cape. Best friends. This one brings tears to my eyes.

I am blessed. :)


Travis said...

Now that's talent...snapping that pic and catching a flying boy seconds later!

Dana said... precious are those pictures!

Bond said...

What beautiful pictures Coco...Nothing like a boy and his dog...