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22 January 2009


I wrote this based on an event that happened between my son and myself a few weeks after my Rory passed away. The outing wasn't about fishing, although it could have been. I had been sunk in misery since our return from Roran's funeral. I was just going through the motions each day and I wasn't focused on my son's needs. This was my turning point, the day my little boy reminded me what was really important. This was the day I decided how I was going to cope with my grief, and it was also the day I made an appointment to see a therapist to help me through the overwhelming sadness. Most of what I have posted so far has been for Rory, to honour his memory. This poem does honour him, but it is for my son, my reason for getting up in the morning on the days that are bad, and my joy on the good ones. I love you, Brennan, more than meat loves salt, as our Rory would say.


She smiled and sighed as she rolled over in bed

"Just a few minutes more." was all that she said.

Her little boy looked at her, face long with dismay

"I thought we were going to go fishing today."

She yawned and she stretched and sat up with a groan

"I have so much to do. Can't we just stay at home?"

He sighed then and nodded, and turned to stomp out.

"Hey," called his mother, "there's no need to pout!"

He looked back at her then with tears on his cheeks

"You've promised to take me for weeks and for weeks.

We never go anywhere, never have fun.

I wish that I was somebody else's kid, mom!"

Her eyes filled with tears and she knew he spoke true,

But a single mom working had so much to do.

She sat for a minute and thought of her son

Then arose from her bed, knowing what had to be done.

Fifteen minutes later, with the gear packed and stowed,

She called to him "Time to get this show on the road!"

He came to the door, Hot Wheels car in his fist,

Raised an eyebrow and asked "Is there something I missed?"

"I promised to take you," She smiled into his eyes.

"And we're going right now, so don't look so surprised."

Her son hugged her tightly then ran for the car.

"Hurry up, mom! Let's go! The lake isn't far!"

The day wasn't magical: we got soaked; it was cold,

But the memories we made are more precious than gold.

My Roran once told me "Store-bought things just don't last,

But sweet memories, beloved, never stay in the past."

For a while I forgot in my grief and depression

What Roran and I knew leaves a lasting impression.

Remember what's important for a parent and kid,

It's not what you said that counts, it's what you did.

~ C. Masson (all rights reserved) Dec 2008


Phfrankie Bondo said...

...welcome (back) to the bloggerhood!...thanks for stopping by...thoroughly enjoyed your poem...

Travis said...

You can't resist that grin.

Angell said...

Absolutely gorgeous honey. Welcome back. We missed you.

Bond said...

So precious...It made me think back to some of those times when I let life interfere with things I promised to Matt...


Anndi said...

I know that feeling. I know how grief can push you into destructive behaviour and just a need to escape.

You rock, sister... you rock.