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05 September 2006


This is my last will and testament ... I, Coco Masson, being of shellshocked mind and trampled body, do bequeath to anyone crazy enough to take it, my Grade 10 Reading Workshop class. It is worse than I could ever have imagined ... and I have a pretty vivid imagination. Today, my first day of classes with this year's crop of vegetables, was NOT up to my usual standards. They look humanoid ... kinda ... They talk a form of pidgin English. Most of them have almost mastered walking upright. Another month or so and I am pretty sure I will have identified the subspecies, but not the planet from whence they came. Yes, I'm talking about my students. And, no, it's not an exaggeration. Sadly, this year, the school administration has scraped the doggy doo off the bottom of their boots , placed it in a classroom, and called it Reading Workshop. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Stay tuned for updates.


Anonymous said...

Look...wear short skirts and you will command the attention of every boy in the room and that iis half the battle!

Dana said...'ll get better Coco! It always does.