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11 September 2006


"Madame," I can remember one of them asking me, "why do people do such terrible things to hurt other people?" And for those of you who know me, the fact that I had no answer for my student, that I was without words of any kind for a time, might strike you as out of character.

Today, five years later, I am no more equipped to answer that question than I was on the day I was originally asked. What belief system leads a person to believe that the mindless eradication of thousands of innocent bystanders is ok? There is no reasoning behind such an act. There is no justification.

I, a proud Canadian, stand beside my American friends today, mourning, as they mourn, for the losses incurred on that heinous day five years ago. We lost so much. Lives, trust, security, belief in the good of mankind, tolerance, innocence. The list is endless. I can only pray for those of you who lived that nightmare, and continue to live it. God bless you all.

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Angell said...

Well said Coco. I love your blog. You did a great job on it. Now I have to get one up and running for me. :D