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29 August 2006

A Poem for taylor (and it rhymes!!)

A poem for Taylor (and it rhymes!!)Aug 10, 2006 8:42 PM PST
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The Soul Patrol Experience

Musician with heart
You knew just where to start.
You said "Give me a chance"
And then started to dance.

Our eyes opened wide,
Our hearts let you inside.
An obsession in bud,
When we started to thud.

Your sweet voice made us weep.
We lost lots of sleep.
We could not stay away
From the boards, night or day.

We were all in a spin.
The votes flooded in.
Each time you sang a song
We proved Simon was wrong.

There were tears in our eyes,
And we all realized
We'd helped you reach your goal;
When you screamed "Soul Patrol!"

- love always from Coco (you had me at hello ...)
written today, right now, from the heart 8/10/2006

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