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29 August 2006

The Lawnmower Story

July 24 lawnmower story for DanaJul 24, 2006 7:37 PM PST
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Originally posted by mamacoco

Ok, now, let's see ... hmmm. Not really in the mood right now, but if anybody can put me there, it'd be Taylor.Picture it: hot, sunny day. Taylor is mowing the lawn, wearing a billcap, teeshirt, shorts and sneakers. Out of the goodness of your heart, you take him a big jug of cool water. He thanks you, drinks a cup, removes his cap, then pours the rest over his head, soaking his clothes and causing them to stick to his skin.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah - he peels his shirt off and wipes his face with it. As he turns back to the mower, you notice that the water has soaked the back of his shorts, too, causing them to define the ... um ... globes of his onion ( ).He looks back at you, over his shoulder, with a wicked glint in his eyes and says "Wanna help me?" He takes your hands and places them on the mower then, wrapping his arms around you, and thumbing the switch on, he puts his hands over top of yours.You are completely surrounded by hot, damp, sweaty Taylor. His bare chest and belly are pressed against your back. His arms are laying against the outside of yours. His chin rests on your shoulder and the side of his head (read ear and cheek) are nestled against the side of your face.

Ok, now ... oh, right: hot, damp sweaty Taylor. Blah, blah, blah ...As you push the mower, his thighs gently bump you from behind, moving you forward, even though you seem to have forgotten how to walk. You don't even realize your eyes are shut until he chuckles in your ear, saying "We need to turn now, baby." and you realize you have reached the other side of the yard.As soon as you are pointed back in the other direction, your eyes close again, and you inhale his scent. Delicious. He starts to hum your favorite song in your ear, rubbing his cheek lightly against your hair.

After several more passes of the mower, Taylor lets the engine die. "All done, sugar," he murmurs, not yet releasing you from the cage of his arms. "and I could use a swim." He turns you to face him, wraps you in a big, sweat-slippery bear hug, then kisses you teasingly on the nose.Taylor picks you up, tosses you over his shoulder, turns and heads to the back yard. You have a perfect view of his backside and you watch in fascination as the muscles clench and release with every step. You are so occupied by the view, in fact, that you don't notice your arrival in the back yard. Taylor never misses a step, but walks off the edge of the patio into the deep end of the pool.

Splash! You hit the water face down to the sound of Taylor's gleeful laughter. He has a wicked sense of fun, and you never know what to expect when he gets in one of "those" moods. But you figure you're gonna need your wits about you if you hope to hold your own.

So, rather than struggling to the surface, as he was probably expecting, you relax all your muscles and sink toward the bottom. Feeling the concrete under your toes, you wait an additional few seconds, then push off, exploding out of the water beside him and blinding him momentarily with the force of the splash. Your momentum carries you halfway out of the water, and as you begin the downward arc, you grab him by the shoulders and PUSH, sending him deep under the water.

As soon as you do, you scramble to the side of the pool and cling to the edge, waiting for him to surface.As his silvery head breaks the surface, you pounce, but he is ready for you and wraps his arms around you You both sink once again. You continue your horseplay until your muscles are trembling with exhaustion. Then you lay, legs and arms entwined, on the cushiony lounge by the pool, watching the sun set over the neighbour's garage.

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