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03 March 2011

Fantastic Five on Friday

It's been that kind of week ... the kind where I listen to feel-good music and sing on the drive to work. The kids at school have been great. My lesson plans have worked out nearly perfectly. Things at home couldn't be better with Steve, the B-man and Daisy-dog. I've re-discovered an old friend or two. Even shovelling the endless snow has been pleasant since we cracked the deep-freeze temperatures. What better way to cap such a great week than with some absolutely perfect music?

I've long enjoyed a love affair with Morrison's music. It's a well-known fact that he's my ideal, as far as music goes. As a contemporary singer-songwriter, there is no equal. Through good or bad times, he has a song that reaches right into you and pulls out the best of you. I've never encountered anything that can compare to his exquisite compositions and I don't expect I ever will. Millions have covered his songs and new artists continue to rediscover his artistic brilliance. Even the covers are wonderful because honestly, you can't ruin the poignancy of his poetic songwriting even through the insult of mediocre talent. In musical historic context, his name will be spoken with the same reverence that we afford names such as JS Bach, WA Mozart, L van Beethoven ... another great "Van", coincidentally.

Finding Van Morrison music on Playlist was a challenge. Van the Man is a savvy businessman, on top of being an incredibly gifted musician, and he protects his rights with religious fervour. You may have noticed that the Playlist songs were under various manufactured artist names. Users uploading his songs must "hide" them because everything posted under the label "Van Morrison" will swiftly be removed. Youtube carries videos of his songs strictly by permission of his company "Exile". Because of this, only a few of the best-known songs filter through these media. No matter, they're still wonderful. I do hope you enjoy my playlist. It was a labour of love.
**Note: Since creating my Playlist two days ago, some of the songs have been removed from the website. I have added video to compensate for the shortage.
This one's for Steve. I love you, Sweetheart.


Anonymous said...

I love Van Morrison - and I especially love Into the Mystic. Awesome FoF list!

Julia Smith said...

I have a soft spot for 'Brown-eyed Girl' - being a brown-eyed girl, myself. 'Into the Mystic' and 'Moondance' are impossibly fabulous.

jennifer said...

Coco, the video for Someone Like You was perfect. The song and the imagery were so soothing.

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

Jamie said...

Oh that was nice. Just love the whole idea of a Moondance.

Travis Cody said...

Brown-eyed Girl is my sister's theme song. It makes an appearance at every social occasion we attend that involves music and dancing.

Glad to hear you had a good week!