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19 April 2010

Too Tired

I've said that playing the blues
is like having to be black twice.
Stevie Ray Vaughan missed on both counts,
but I never noticed.
~B.B. King~

I thought this story was appropriate, especially as I don't have time for an original post this week. Midterm exams, report cards, another tae kwondo test day, my band exchange and upcoming special company for two weeks wins out on my time right now. Hey, at least I'm posting ...

There was a story about a man named Charlie who was quite a selfish and inconsiderate husband. Even though both he and his wife worked, he never helped at home with the cleaning, cooking or with the children. He expected supper on the table promptly every evening and watched television all evening long while his wife keep the entire home in order.
One day while Charlie was in the doctor’s waiting room, he read an article in a magazine that said - If women were not so tired in the evening, they would be more romantic with their husbands. Well the next day when Charlie’s wife got home, she had quite a surprise. She found supper cooked and warming on the stove. She found the dinning table set with the good china, napkins and candles. Charlie had also done 2 sets of laundry and a third load was in the dryer. The house was also swept and the carpets vacuumed.
The following morning Charlie’s wife was telling her friends at work about the article and everything that Charlie did. She continued “After dinner Charlie did all the dishes, helped the children with their homework and even gave them a bath and put them to bed. I had a wonderful evening!”
Her friends were impressed but wanted to know about the romantic part of the evening after the kids were in bed. “Oh" she said,"That part didn’t work out very well…. Charlie was too tired!”



Bond said...


If you SHARE the duties, you are both still ready for the evening! Just saying

Travis said...

Summer vacation approacheth...

Meribah said...

LOL Yup. Housework is tiring, no matter who does it!