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14 April 2010

Blank Page ...

That's my mind today. No energy and no ideas.

B-man is home with grandparents today, even though it's anti-bullying day in schools across Canada and we had to go buy him a pink shirt for the occasion. He's also supposed to be performing in the music festival today. And there's the spelling test ...

What are you going to do when the kid has a temp and can't keep down his breakfast?

Me, I'm just tired. The band exchange is in a week and my keyboard player dropped out on me a week ago. I found a fill-in but it's touch-and-go because the pieces aren't easy. Rehearsals are rough - the kids are troopers though. I'm just tired.

I'm dating again. Steve is a darling but I'm still waiting for that "zing" to happen. Am I expecting too much? At my age, shouldn't a comfortable relationship be enough? Maybe it's just my state of mind this week. I feel dull.

Biggest joke of the century to date was me joining Facebook. I have no idea why I did that. Only thing I've done with it so far is play a game with the B-man. We've done that lots. For anybody I connected with there, I apologize for not posting on your wall yet. I haven't figured out how to do it but that's not the entire reason. I'm just not very energetic this week. Maybe someday ...

Anyway, I hope everybody else is feeling good and smiling at someone special right now. Well maybe not right now, but soon ...

I'm feeling pretty random right now.

Here's a blast from the past for my American Idol friends.


Meribah said...

I often feel pretty random; don't worry about it! You and the B-man just get better and keep believing that every cloud has a silver lining. It might be hiding but it's there! :)

Travis said...

On days when I'm feeling dull, I just go with the routine and wait for that point in the dullness when changing my pattern doesn't feel like such a struggle.

Sorry B-man is sick.

Hang in there!

Bond said...

Hope B-man feels better soon.

Glad to hear you are dating. One step at a time my friend.

I am on Facebook, of course, but I am not that active.

Feel better and smile and you know I am still waiting on a list of music from you to burn some CDs