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28 April 2009

Please vote for my community in this online poll.

Will you help me in my quest to help my community to become the Intelligent Community of the Year? This email message is circulating through our community, but I know my friends here in Bloggerville are always good about helping.

"The ICF have launched a new online competition. They are asking people to vote for THEIR choice for ICF’s Intelligent Community of the Year. Although this vote will not directly count when they choose the Intelligent Community of the Year, it will gauge the community’s engagement in this process. Our goal is to blow every other community out of the water and I know Monctonians will deliver! I am asking for your help in spreading the word and getting people to Vote, Vote, Vote! Right now, a nameless competitor is leading the tally by a margin but we are close behind!"

The link to the voting site is:


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