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30 March 2009

Oh Wow ...

Reality check.

I guess I thought that because I didn't forget people, they wouldn't forget me. How wrong a concept is that?

I went blog hopping today and couldn't find my way around a lot of blogs because they have been so changed, but one of the biggest changes I noticed was in the links to other peoples' blogs. Some blogs have removed those links from their main page completely, as far as I can tell, and yet others have minimized their lists to nearly nothing at all. Aesthetics and efficiency above all, I guess.

Yeah, I know I'm not a dedicated blogger, and maybe I don't deserve to be in the same category as those people who blog regularly. I guess I believed that my friends understood how bad things have been, how hard it's been to deal with just breathing some days. I didn't need the hurt feelings of realizing that I've been deleted. "Coco". Four letters. Doesn't take up that much space, but apparently TOO much for some people.

By the way, I have learned to open up to people about how I feel and right now, I feel pretty shitty. I'll be philosophical about this tomorrow. No worries.


Angell said...

Hey lady.

I still love you. I'm not a constant blogger either. There's no "deserve" or not deserve. Maybe it's just pure esthetics. You won't know until you ask.


Travis said...

I gotcha in my reader. You blog when you can and I'll come read. Deal?

Bond said...

You are still in my FAVs listing and I stop here everyday to check to see if you have posted.

I have not forgotten you dear!

Anndi said...

You're never forgotten, darlin'.... never.