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12 September 2007


Okay, I'm back. Not to say I'll blog every day or anything, but I want to do this, I'm feeling better and I have the time. What better way to reconnect with the people I love and miss so much? I don't know what I'll talk about, or even if it will make any sense, but then, that was always a problem for me. Brace yourselves for some pretty inane ramblings, then. Muah!


Anndi said...

Well then.. all I have to say is:


Dixiechick said...

So glad you are back sweetie... so very glad!!!


Travis said...

I will be here, whether you blog or don't.

Nice new look too.

Julie said...

I have been here every time during my blog rounds....well when I realized the marshwalk was a sticky I had to scroll into your history a little....great new look my dear!

Bond said...

I was here this morning....and you snuck in after me

love the new photo dear, and thrilled you are feeling better

and MUAH back

COCO said...

Okay, gonna try something new - to me, at least - and respond to my comments. This will probably be inane, to say the very least, but ...

Anndi: right back atcha, g/f - love you!

Dixie: thanks sweetie, and glad to be back.

Trav: you've always been there ... don't think i don't appreciate it. Hugs!

Julie: lol, i didn't know what a "sticky" was, until you mentioned it. Snuggles.

Bond: thanks Darling. slow but steady ... minor setback today, but these things happen. wonderful to see You.

angell said...


And when you're better, you and Anndi and Meri can all come visit me in Toronto, and me & my boyz will take y'all out and do the town up right - hawt and sexay is how we roll!! :P

(And anyone else who cares to join)

Glad you're back - take care of you ok?

MWAH - big smooches.

Twyla said...

Good to see you back. Love the slide show. :-)

COCO said...

Angell: you're on, Honey! i am so u for some fun right about now ... well ... the spirit is willing, at least ...

Twyla: thanks a million sweetie - it's good to be back!

Meribah said...

Insane ramblings? Wooooooo! Bring 'em on! Glad to see you're back and feelin' good! :)

COCO said...

Meri: thanks honey - love the Puppy Palace, btw.

Dana said...


:starts peeking around:

Sonny said...

THAT is really funny!!!
Hi Coco, I'm back.
And I LOVE your new blog design! Coz I LOVE pink!!! ;)

Could it be you nicked some ideas from my blog??? ;)
They are nice, aren't they? I love this hugs-widget. I've already given you three extra hugs!!!

And don't they have interesting recipes?? *yummy*

All best to you, Coco.