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17 August 2007


Today, I lost two students in a car accident. David was 18, had just graduated from high school in June and was accepted in Bachelor of Administration at university. Alina, nearly 17, was about to begin her graduate year at the school where I teach. Two of their friends, both 17, were in the back seat and are in critical condition.

I have known these kids since they came to me in grade 6, 11 years old, wide-eyed and impressionable. David played the trumpet in my band and Alina was my keyboard player. Chris and Stacie are in first and second alto sax seats.

The news hasn't hit the media yet, but the family called me, because I helped Alina through a difficult personal crisis last year and they consider me to be like family. I am blogging now as a sort of catharsis. I am in shock. All I know, and don't understand at all, is that alcohol played a role, and neither David nor Alina were wearing their seatbelts. One day soon, I will address those factors, but not today ... today I am just writing. It won't be a pretty post. Like that matters. I can't tell anyone here yet. Mac has company this weekend, so I can't cry on his shoulder. So I'm blogging. Lol. I already said that, didn't I?

So here are a few lines that I found. They seem appropriate.

They were taken, far too soon, but in our love, they carry on, in our
hearts, forevermore. They were all, far too young, to be taken away like
that, but if we remember, they will be near us. Too soon were they taken
to heaven, but if we try, we can keep them alive inside us, for all of time.


Julie said...

I'm so sorry Coco. It's horribly sad. Hopefully something good will come out of this. Please don't let it slip past you.

Anndi said...

I'm sorry... there's something disturbing and against the natural order of things when the young leave us.

I'll ask Mom to check in on them okay?

Travis said...

I'm so sorry to hear of this terrible loss.

Anndi said...

Just checking in to tell you I love you.

hugs my friend

angell said...

Oh Coco.

HUGS honey.

It never makes any sense when they're taken from us so young...

We're here when u need us.

Dana said...

I'm sorry to hear that, Coco :(

Bond said...

you've been tagged

Bond said...

COCO: I posted the tag thing late last night and never read the post.

OMG my friend...this is so sad. It seemed that we lost someone in our HS every year to a driving accident and alcohol was somehow involved. That was before we were for it to happen is just so plain incredible....KIDS>>>>DRINK = NO DRIVE!

Meribah said...

Tragic, just tragic. Hang in there, Coco. We're there for you. Hugs.

Dixiechick said...


So very tragic... prayers going up for the families.

TopChamp said...

Hi coco,

This is a sad post - worse as a schoolgirl was run over by a car going the opposite direction to me yesterday. I didn't see it happen but looked back and saw her in the road after I heard a thud and a scream.

I was on a major intersection and couldn't stop there and get out. I pulled up on the other side of the crossing,called an ambulance and called the school then drove home... there were people running over to her. But I was too worried to leave it at that so I walked back by which time the ambulance was there and she was in the back. She was alive, but I have no idea what her injuries were. It was a horrible thing to see/hear.