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08 June 2007


Okay, I wrote this blog weeks ago (17-05-07 to be exact), before my health fell apart (still working on that ...) and never did figure out how to get the YouTube videos on here. Call me inept if you wish ... but if you care enough, these solos are all on YouTube and definitely worth the listen. Heck, after doing the research, it prompted me to dig out all my concert photo albums and my vinyl of these artists and spend some real quality time with them.

Bond honey, you got me again ... at least it's helping me work through my blogger's block.

I had the same problem with this meme as Vinny did: how to narrow the list down to "just five" ... so, because I knew that everybody else would be choosing from the "Guitar Gods", I decided to do something a bit different.

So, in no particular order, from a variety of music genres, here are 5 ... um well, actually ... 9 great Canadian guitar solos.

1. Rik Emmett (Triumph) --- TASTE OF STEEL

2. Jeff Healey --- SEE THE LIGHT

3. Colin James --- KEEP ON LOVIN ME BABY

4. David Wilcox --- THE BEARCAT

5. Bruce Cockburn --- WATER INTO WINE

6. Neil Young --- DEAD MAN

7. Alex Lifeson (Rush) --- CLOSER TO THE HEART

(also features a kick-ass bass guitar solo by Geddy Lee)

8. Robbie Robertson --- SHINE YOUR LIGHT

9. Lenny Breau --- THE NEARNESS OF YOU


Bond said...

I need to check a few of those out...thanks for the great suggestions...hope you are feeling better Coco...

Travis said...

This is why I try and cruise by every day. Never know when something interesting is going to pop up.

Dana said...

:hangs head:

I didn't recognize not one name...I am working on correcting that.

julie said...

Good job Coco. It's nice to see you up and around again.


Angell said...

WOOOOO - good job Coco. Glad to see you back in the blogosphere. :D

Canada rocks baby!

Anndi said...


Man, memories!