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12 May 2007


A couple of weeks ago, before my life fell apart, I begged Bond to choose me for this. Damn me for the masochistic little fool that I am. LOL. So now I am honour bound to respond to questions that I find exceedingly difficult to answer.

OK, here they are, courtesy of that sadistic mind over at the Couch:

1) You are a teacher of young minds. If you could change one thing about your classroom what would it be?

I became a teacher because I love two things above all else: music and kids. It balances out. On the days the kids are horrendous, I have my music to soothe me. When my music is uncooperative or uninspiring, the kids give me a reason to continue. And on those "Eureka" days with the kids, I have both. Why mess with a perfect balance? There is nothing I would change.

2) If you could select a career for your son, what would it be?

I would never presume to choose a career for my child. But given the question, I would choose for him something that would make him happy and fulfilled. Knowing his preferences and aptitudes right now, I would probably steer him in the direction of architecture (building blocks), construction (big trucks and heavy machinery) or professional sports (anything that involves a ball and running). He is, after all, a pretty typical 4 year old.

3) You play a multitude of instruments. If you were able to appear on stage; what venue would you choose, what instrument would you play, and what song would you perform?

This one was very difficult to answer, until this morning at 3 am when I was pondering how to respond to ANY of these questions. Suddenly, it hit me. My venue of choice would be Vinny's living room. The instrument? A kazoo. And I would perform "The Song That Never Ends".

Apparently, SOME people don't think a kazoo is a "real" musical instrument. LOL. So my second answer to this question is that I would love to play Gershwin's Piano Preludes, followed by Rhapsody In Blue, at Lincoln Center, probably at the Avery Fisher Hall, because I love the atmosphere there.

4) Tell us the one place you have never been to, but long to visit and why.

This was the most difficult question to answer. Not because there were no answers, but because there were so many possibilities. Narrowing it down seemed an insurmountable task. Then I began to think outside the box. I realized there was only one real answer, and it was one I had expressed many times before. The one place I long to visit doesn't really exist physically in one place, except in the hearts of the people who met there. I grew to love those people in a relatively short period of time, although I've never met any of them face to face. Those people are the "why" and will always be very important to me. The "place" is the Original Soul Patrol. Was that cheating, Vinny? I hope not, because it's the best answer for the question, and you know it.

Ok, the Bondman thought I cheated on this answer, too, so I will redo it, as well. If I had to choose a real place to visit, it would be the Australian Outback. My reasons are that the area is populated by wonderfully fascinating people and animals, and is probably as physically different from my home region as anywhere on the planet. It's also far, far away from here, and right now, that's where I wish I was.

5) You can choose to change one day in your life. Which is it and why?

I have always tried to live my life without regret, but there are a few days that I would love to have a chance to "do over". The most obvious choice would be the day I said "Yes" when my response should have been to scream omg, and run away, fast! Not too many good things came of that particular event, so I would have no regrets in redoing that day and changing the history of my most recent life.


Bond said...

OK, you did cheat a tad...I was hoping for a real place and a real instrument (apologies to kazoo lovers)...

#5 is a perfect answer...

ty for answering...

Coco said...

lol, ok I fixed them for you, Vinny. Never let it be said that I would leave you unsatisfied ... lol.

Bond said...

I actually meant "real place" as in the concert hall.

Dana said...

Yep, that Bond person can think up some good questions! I like your answers!

Travis said...

I love Rhapsody In Blue. But then I love a Gershwin tune.

Anndi said...

My one hope in my daughter's education is that she comes across a teacher like you.

I think my favourite destination would be the same as yours dear friend (blows raspberries at Vinny)... The OSP sounds like the perfect place to go.

Oh... And I'd love to attend the "Vinny's living room (which is a real place... I've been there) concert". Can I bring a cowbell (do NOT tell me it isn't a real instrument)?

That day was a stepping stone in the path to becoming the strong woman I've come to cherish and admire.

Love you my sweet friend.

Happy Mother's Day.

Angell said...

Wonderful answers Coco. Few teachers out there are as dedicated as you are (ok, my mom is one of them LOL).

I'm in full agreement with my Canadian sisters - and blow another raspberry to Vinny. But I'm also with you on the real place you'd love to visit - me too. :D

HUGS to you my friend. Hope all is well.

TopChamp said...

He's picky about his answers then, is Bond?!

I'm glad you played the game anyway Coco - it's good to see what you'd play too. I love those pieces - only wish I were ever a good enough pianist to come near them!!

Meribah said...

Wouldn't it be swell if we could have "do overs" in life? Imagine how much less pain we would have to go through! On the other hand, maybe that's the whole point. Maybe we have to experience pain in order to grow and appreciate the good things in life. Anyway, hope things go good for you and hugs to you!

Twyla said...

Just thought I'd let you know that I changed my blog address. Here's the new one...

julie said...

Oh Coco....I love your 4th answer and I'm so glad that I'm a part of that group so that I met you!